When it comes to planning a wedding there are a few things that are more important than the rest. For instance, picking the perfect dress or finding the right locations for the ceremony and venue, which fulfills your expectations…

I think finding the perfect places is what we struggled the most until now. We even had to postpone the wedding because of that and move the wedding ceremony to a different town, as the city hall in Gotha is too small. However, the place where we gonna give each other the “YES” word is really nice as you can see on the photo. I love the old style of it; I think it is really romantic. Now, all guests can join the ceremony and watch us getting married. After the ceremony, we will also have some champagne at this place.

Since the wedding is gonna be in Gotha (which is apparently not a big city, I haven’t been there before), there aren’t many places available. The ones we liked were booked long time ago or there were places where I couldn’t imagine having the wedding. My fiancée was checking the venue places, when he was in Germany and sent me the photos, so I actually didn’t see any of them myself. It will be a bit of a surprise for me. Finally, after a long time of searching we ended up picking the Hotel am Schlosspark, which is a nice hotel just in front of the park. The only problem we have is space, only 64 seats are available in this room, however, we’d like it to be not as big anyway. It might not be 100% how we exactly wanted it, but I’m sure with some decorations it will look like how we imagine it to be. Some beautiful flowers, personalised cards on the tables even some balloons around the dance floor or the entrance would definitely change the atmosphere of the venue. 

Hotel am Schlosspark

If you’re planning your wedding make sure to book the venue at least 9 months in advanced. Then you will not need to worry about it. Even if it is not like 100% how you imagine it, you can always add your personal touches and decoration ideas to make it more like how you want it.

Hotel am Schlosspark

What are your thoughts about the perfect wedding venue? Do you want it to be huge or just closest friend and family?

 Link (First photo wasn’t taken by me but copied from this website)

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