Trustworthy Makeup: Trusty Foundation

When you cover over 90% of your face with one product, you sure want it to be good, don’t you? Yes, we are talking about foundations. There are so many foundations in the market starting from as low as a few pound to over one hundred pound. If someone asked you which is your trusty … Continue Reading

June Favourites 2016

Six months is over and now we are more closer to new year than the beginning of 2016. Weather is so unstable, one day it is so hot and the next day freezing cold, seriously we should do something about the global warming. Also it is the best time to evaluate the goals, right? June … Continue Reading

May Favourites 2016

One month is over and we are not far away from Summer. It is cliché to say, but time flies so fast, isn’t it? May was such a busy month for me, there were so many thing going on like a wedding, travelling a lot and then trying to get back to my blogging routine again. … Continue Reading

March Favourites 2016

One quarter of the year is gone and now only three left for the New Year. If you still haven’t done anything about your New Year resolutions or goals then you should maybe take an action, don’t you think so? One of the things I love about March is that the days are getting longer … Continue Reading