Planning a wedding is hard work! Yes it is, however, you don’t actually see how hard it is before you actually start planning one then you will see that it is way harder than what it seems, especially finding the perfect dress and getting the wedding decorations how you imagine it.

A wedding is not all about finding the perfect dress and the venue, there are so many tiny details. Tiny details that can create a big domino effect, if you ignore them or leave them to the last minute. So, before you actually start doing things make sure to create a plan and have a to-do list otherwise things might go out of control and this is the last thing you want when you already have so many things going on in your head.

5 Steps for Wedding Decorations

1. Determine Budget

The budget is the key factor and the most important part of the wedding, unless you have an unlimited budget and a credit card. Before you start planning things, just determine the budget. You don’t want to start planning and run out of budget in the middle of the way and you are way in minus, so actually the perfect wedding is all about planning. Even with a low budget you can have one of these dreamy weddings you can dream of.

2. Plan Ahead

After determining the budget, it is best to make a plan and check out the things you want at your wedding. Having things done by professionals might be the easiest option and there would be one less thing to worry about. But how about the budget? So, the best thing to do is to create a list where you write down the things you can do yourself or with the help of others and the things you will have to get done by professionals. Then it will give you some idea what to do with wedding decorations and everything else and also you will have some time to get a few prices before you actually decide on someone.

You can talk to bakers and get prices for your wedding cake and see if they can make the cake you want. Before you go to a baker, just make sure you have a few photos saved so it will make things easier.

Wedding Decorations - Wedding Cake

Talk to the florists and learn if your favourite flowers will be available during the wedding time, if not check for the alternatives. You might want peonies and if they are not available then you can have alternatives like ranunculus (buttercup).

Wedding Decorations - Flowers

3. Do It Yourself

After finding a venue, you can always alter it according to how you want it to be. Even if you are not completely happy with the place, with a few personal touches this place might turn to your perfect venue. Doing some of the things will make you save so much money, you can get things from DIY webpages, eBAY or Amazon, whatever you can think of. It will not only save so much money but you can come up with cool ideas yourself.

Wedding Decorations - Table Decoration

DIY Decoration

Having jars as flower vase is actually a pretty good idea, don’t you think so? Also the good thing is you actually don’t need to spend money on getting these jars. If you are planning to have something like that then why don’t you start saving jars instead of throwing them away? You can easily remove the label and then you have a jar, they don’t have to be all the same. Different things can actually look so good together. Then all you need to do is use your imagination or a few Pinterest inspirations. Sticking lace around it and then using ribbon to give it a little bit of colour or even adding heart to make it more personal. Then the only thing that’s left to complete is the flower of your choice.

Wedding Decorations - DIY Vase

DIY Giveaway

If you are planning to give away some sweets or chocolate at your wedding, it is another thing you can do yourself. You can use paper bags to put the sweets in and then add some of the lace and tiny wooden clips for decorating it. Then you can either create a personal stamp or get ready ones for a message like “thank you”, so it is an easy way of thanking your guests too. The last thing you can get to finalise this goodie bag is a sticker to close the bag. If you have time then you can make things a little bit more personal and write the names of the guests on the goodie bags, it will make them feel special.

Wedding Decorations - Giveaway

You can design your table numbers or even paint it yourself, however, if you don’t have time to create personal table numbers then you can find plenty of them online.

Wedding Decorations - Table Numbers

4. Make It Fun

Balloons make everything better! They look good in photos and they also look good as a decoration too. You can just order them or again you can get balloons online with some helium , then you can do them yourself. Even if you want them look even fancier, just get gold, silver or copper spray paint and just paint them. You can ask for help from family and friends, doing these things are definitely fun and maybe inhale some helium to get funny voice, just have fun when you work on the wedding. Also, how cool it would look on wedding photos when you let them fly away.

Wedding Decorations - Balloons

Get some bubbles and give them to the guests, even adults can have fun making bubbles and kids will enjoy it even more.

Wedding Decorations - Bubbles

5. Enjoy

When you are planning your wedding, don’t stress yourself out and make sure that you are having fun as you are planning and doing all these wedding decorations and bits. When you are feeling all happy and positive, things will get done quicker and you will have less stress. In the end it is your wedding and you should just enjoy planning your wedding. Also if you think you can’t cope with all the work, you can ask help of your family and friends to make it less stressful for you.  

How would you imagine your wedding to be? What do you think about DIY your wedding decorations or you would rather get some help from a professional to arrange all the wedding decorations?

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