Would it be a cliché to say I can’t believe September is already over? Summer has officially finished and we are heading towards winter, so it is time for my September Favourites…

When I think about it, in September I didn’t get many stuff but mostly used the ones I have. I got a sorbet from The Body Shop, which you can read more about in my post The Body Shop Vitamin E Sorbet, it is a good one I can recommend it. I have a few beauty favourites, which are perfect for a/w. In September, I mostly wore dark nails like berry, burgundy shades. But there’s one that I wore a lot, which I talked about in my post Berry Nails. It is Rimmel Salon Pro nail polish, not only I like the shade but also I like how long lasting it is. Basically, I went a whole week without needing to paint my nails and there weren’t any chips, crazy! Have you tried this nail polish? Another beauty related product is an old blush from L’Oréal. I really don’t know when I got L’Oréal Blush Minerals Powder (it is probably so long time ago, like years). I found it when I was going through my makeup. I like how peachy pink it is and it is a lightweight mineral blush. I mostly went for it when I wanted a natural look with some colour on my cheeks. Have you seen that product before? My last beauty favourite is Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in 107. It is probably many’s favourite, because it is long lasting and really pigmented, just the perfect bold shade for these cold days.  If you want a wine red lippie, go for it!

September Favourites 2015

Gucci Guilty Black is my favourite cold weather scent. It has oriental floral scent and smells lovely. Since it started to get colder in September, I was using it a lot so it is in my favourites list. If you are looking for a/w scent, which is long lasting, I’d really recommend you to try this one.

Recently, my hair isn’t doing so well, especially the tips. I’ve always loved using keratin shampoos and conditioners, but never used the spray before. I came across to Keratin Repair, which is apparently preventing hair loss and repairing damaged hair. I can’t really say anything about the hair loss bit, but apart from that my hair is doing pretty good. I can see an improvement! I think any keratin spray would do the same. If you’re like me then you might want to check it out too.

These are my September favourites. What did you love?

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