Weddings preparations are definitely hard, especially when you want to have everything perfect like a Pinterest Weddings, that’s why I thought I should write a wedding journal. You never know the true struggle until you start planning one, then you might end up going crazy from time to time. I must say it seems to be normal. Here’s my first wedding journal…

Arranging everything is hard, especially if the wedding is gonna take place in a completely different country. Then you just have to trust the people who are arranging everything for you and hope that everything will be as good as you imagine them to be. Luckily, Micha’s family (especially his mum) support us a lot. Thank you so much for that!

Let me tell you a little bit about me and my fiancée in this first wedding journal. I am from Turkey and he is from Germany. We met in the UK at the university and we studied different master degrees, but shared some courses (by that moment I was really thinking that being a mechanical engineer isn’t really a perfect job for me). After completing my masters, I returned back to Turkey and he stayed in the UK as he’s working at the university. Since his family is living in Germany, the wedding will be in Germany. However, we will also have a celebration in Turkey, which is called Henna Night. So it is like a triangle, which involves three countries. I can say that this long distance thing is really hard, but if both really want it then it can work!

Wedding Invitations

I didn’t know that you have to get all the wedding invitations months before the wedding in Germany. We had to get the invitations printed out in three different languages. Turkish for my family, German for his family and English for friends. At least we found a webpage where you can customise every single card, so instead of paying for three different batches, all the cards were customised and sent as a single order so it saved us some money! The invitations were ordered from a German webpage called They have a great selection of cards and it is really hard to pick one. We picked like 5 of them and then we ended up going for the one where we can add our photos, at least then people can keep them as a memory.

We have so many photos of us, however, most of them were taken with mobile phones and they are not really great quality. Long time ago, we had our photos taken for fun at Venture Photography in Liverpool and we never thought about using them for anything, luckily we have them and could use them for the invitations. If you want some good photos, I would highly recommend that place, however, I must say quality has its price…

Wedding Invitation

One thing I should warn you about, if you are planning to order your invitations online! Always ask for a sample before you place an order. In our case, the sample invitation and the ordered ones were somehow different. The quality of the sample invitation was better than the actual invitations. I guess there was a problem with their printers. When we contacted them they were nice enough to give us two options. First one was 50% off and the second one was reprint of the cards. We picked 50% off, as it would have taken some time to get the cards and we didn’t have so much time. At least it saved us some money as every penny counts.

I try to post a new wedding journal every other week if I have time for it and will ask you for recommendations. I have never thought I would have so many questions in my head, so I guess I will need your help.

How would you like your invitations? Plain or with photos?

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