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How much effort does it take to arrange the perfect wedding? I can say so much… More than I ever imagined. Wedding is not only about finding the perfect venue and the dress, but also about deciding on all the small but important things like which flower to chose or what about shoes to wear. Two of the hardest things to decide on are hair and makeup. When there are so many pretty things online and on the magazines, it is hard to pick what you want. Wedding hair and makeup inspirations can be a little trick too…

For me, Pinterest has a big role in finding the perfect wedding inspirations. Don’t you like scrolling through wedding category and save every pretty thing you see? Spring weddings are beautiful, everything is green, colourful and fresh. You can actually plan many things outdoor (pray that it won’t rain) like ceremony, drinks, photo shoot… There comes the hardest question, if you had a wedding in spring, how would you have your hair and makeup? What wedding hair and makeup inspirations would you consider?

Wedding Hair and Makeup Inspirations

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I am facing exactly this problem right now. Just to give you a little recap, I had to cancel my wedding last autumn due to visa problems and then we moved it to spring this year, so very very soon (in one month) and I still haven’t decided on how to have my hair and makeup. I am kinda panicking about all the things that still needs to be arranged. All I know is I want messy updo with pretty makeup… What’s considered to be pretty? If it was a Autumn wedding (which it was originally), I already had my makeup ready but since it is spring I don’t know what’s really appropriate and what would look good on photos. Below you can see some of the wedding hair and makeup inspirations from Pinterest. Maybe you can help me a little and tell me which one do you think look the best? All the opinions are welcome.

Do you have a wedding hair and makeup inspirations board on Pinterest or anywhere else? If you’re already married, tell me if deciding on hair and makeup were hard decision? There comes the last question…

Which lipstick would you wear on your wedding?

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