Think about a weekend where you are only allowed to use two makeup/beauty products for the entire weekend, day and night. How hard would it be to choose the best product for a simple makeup?

My Choices for a Simple Makeup

Primers, foundations, mascaras, lipsticks and so on… There are many makeup products that most of us use on a daily bases. What if we are asked to do a challenge? Continue Reading

Perfumes are must-haves of the daily life. Floral, fresh, oriental and woody notes… so much to choose from. Have you ever thought what you like about your favourite scent? Which note of it do you like the most? When you check the description of the perfumes there is that section where it says top, middle/heart and base notes… do you actually know what it is? Continue Reading

I’ve always envied those who have thick eyebrows, because I think they are good and you can shape them however you like. I’m one of these unlucky people who don’t have thick brows and can’t make them grow. Whenever I decide to let them grow, it just doesn’t grow or it grows really ridiculously funny…

Or even sometimes I end up losing more than it grows, I don’t know why. I like to try natural remedies. For instance, did you know that garlic or almond oil makes your brows grow? Continue Reading

It is weekend… what’s better than having two whole days just to rest and having great time without worrying about finishing some work? Maybe some ice cream to cool down in these hot days? However, do you think about what to take with you in your weekend bag?

Except having to deal with so hot humid weather, I like summer weekends. Continue Reading