It has been a long time since I last published a post in Ela BellaWorld that’s written by me. I actually have over 20+ drafts, however, been too busy and kind of demotivated to publish them. Can you imagine there is a draft post, fully completed, from 2018? When I started the blog back in 2015, crazy it has been over 5 years now, I was so motivated to post and share, I really don’t know what happened lately.

A lot happened since 2019! I think the stress of the year put me off from sharing my own content. Let me give a short overview of the things that happened…

We bought our first house!

After living in rental property, in early 2019 my husband and I found the house we loved and decided to go for it. The house is way bigger than what we needed (4 bedrooms for 2 people!), however, it was in an estate we really wanted to move in and we just did it. We got out keys in 24th May 2019 and since then we have been busy planning and decorating the house. There is still a lot to do. But we are taking our time instead of rushing and putting ourselves in financial pressure.

So far, we did some gardening, painted the fences, panelled and painted the lounge, got floating shelves and now in the process of completing the builtin in family space. There is a huge list to go through, but we will get there eventually.

We adopted a dog

We always wanted a dog, however, living in a rental and having busy jobs meant we weren’t able to do that. After we moved into our house and hubby got his own office space, he started to work from home more often so we started looking for a dog. We knew that we didn’t want to just buy one, but adopt one. Give a second chance to a dog that was least fortunate. On 6th March 2020, we found one in North Clwyd Animal Rescue and straight away reserved her.

The whole adoption process took around a week. She came home with us on 13th March 2020, before COVID-19 got more serious and affected the whole world. On 16th March, we received an email that for the unforeseeable time, we will work from home. I think the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. We spent more with her and try to make her feel at home. I could easily say that she loves my hubby more. But hey I am ok with that as long as she doesn’t try to steal him! Oh, also… her name is Bella! We didn’t change her name and now we have Ela and Bella… Welcome to Ela BellaWorld!

I started my MBA Apprenticeship!

I completed my MSc in Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Technology back in 2013. After working as an engineer for some years, I moved to the project management profession in a completely different field, which meant my degrees didn’t really relate to my current position. I started my MBA on 23rd April and have 2 years to complete. Already submitted 2 assignments and finished the third module last week. I can say having a fulltime job, dog, decorating the house and the MBA is not easy. Most of the time, at the end of the day I amorally tired and I don’t have time for the stuff I enjoy doing, such as photography.

I think I finally mastered banana bread!

I like baking, however, I avoid baking much otherwise I will be like one big ball rolling around! Possibly like many other people in lockdown, I might have spent a little more time baking stuff and banana bread was one of them. Banana bread could be hit or miss… I had dense ones before, however, I finally found the perfect ratio to make the fluffy and airy banana bread. If I have some ripe bananas, I might try to take some photos and share it on the blog.

Had to cancel trips.

Like many other people, we had to cancel our holidays. The last time we travelled was back in January. We went to Prague to celebrate hubby’s birthday. My birthday present was a trip to Copenhagen in mid-April, however, it did not happen. We also haven’t seen our families for almost a year now and we can’t plan anything in this uncertain environment. I don’t think there will be any trips this year as I don’t feel safe. Hopefully, 2021 will be a different story and there will be an effective vaccine to the virus.

Makeupless Days

Since March, I hardly put on full-face makeup which meant I was more focused on the skincare. This also made me question whether I need to have countless foundations, mascaras or anything you could think of! I think I will try to limit my purchases and only buy stuff if I really need it or once in a while to treat myself 🙂 Maybe buy myself the newest Hourglass Palette?

What to expect from Ela BellaWorld?

The blog mostly focused on beauty, however, I think it is time to move towards what I feel like sharing rather than focusing on a certain theme. Expect to see house, dog, food, travel, life and beauty contents in the blog. I always wanted this blog to be more than just a beauty blog so let’s go with it and share what I feel like sharing. Hopefully, I will get the motivation to share more often and share glimpses from my life. I need to be more organised, I know I can do it, I just need to push myself! I plan to update my theme, even though I like the style, I am not really happy with the speed of it so if I can find something I like, that might be the next thing to do.

Hope you are all doing great and we can start engaging soon again in Ela BellaWorld.

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