If you are active on social media, you might have already seen the new Pixi Eye Reflections Shadow Palette countless times! I have been a fan of the Pixi skincare and only tried a few makeup bits. Pixi recently has released two new Pixi Eye Reflections Shadow Palettes. First impression? They are really good and you might want to swatch them as soon as you can!

I was lucky enough to receive these gorgeous Pixi Eye Reflections Shadow Palettes and also three new makeup brush releases. I had to be patient to swatch the palettes, as I didn’t want to ruin them before taking photos. Since then, I’ve been using them a lot and I really like the different looks you could create with them. Do you like natural? Not a problem… How about all glam? You have everything you need to create all those looks and you will love the result. Also let’s not forget the makeup brushes… They are really soft and makes the application so easy!

Pixi Eye Reflections Shadow Palette

Pixi Beauty Natural Beauty and Reflex Light Palettes Review

Reflex Light

Let’s start with my favourite palette. Actually, I am not really into the metallic eyeshadows especially during the day, however, after testing this Reflex Light palette, I might have changed my mind. Most of the metallic shadows I’ve tried has so much fall out and I end up creating so much mess. Luckily, I haven’t had too much fall out with these ones. That might be the reason why I have changed my mind. These eyeshadows are really pigmented and so buttery. You only need a small tap to get the perfect colour. A little goes the long way! If you are heavy handed, I should warn you… You might end up making a big mess! They are really blendable and easy to build up. The end result is simply gorgeous! They give the perfect pop of colour and glow.

One of the reasons why I like this more than Natural Beauty is you can create many different looks with this palette for day and night! You can still do the same with Natural Beauty, however, you are a little limited with it as some of the colours look really identical.

Pixi Eye Reflections Reflex Light Shadow Palette Swatches

Top to Bottom – Cocoa Glaze, Chestnut Glimmer, Antique Bronze, Copper Penny, Auburn Blaze, 3D Peach, Brilliant Bronze, Vintage Gold, Pink Lustre, Gold Foil, Nude Lustre, Vanilla Glitz

Natural Beauty

Pixi Beauty Natural Beauty Palette Review

If you like your natural, neutral eyeshadows then this is something you might want to check out! All the eyeshadows of Reflex Light are metallic, on the other hand, this Natural Beauty Palette has a mix of matte and metallic. Having a mix of matte and metallic is the best one. If you like your mattes then this might be a better option than the Reflex Light palette. Some of the shades look almost the same when applied so you can’t create as many different looks as you could with Reflex Light. Apart from that, the eyeshadows are pigmented and really easy to apply. When I want something neutral and natural, this palette offers better options.

Lightest shades don’t give out as much as colour I would like them to but then you could build up to get the intensity you want. Apart from that, I can’t fault this palette!

Pixi Eye Reflections Natural Beauty Shadow Palette Swatches

Top to Bottom – Bronze Gleam, Cocoa Shimmer, Chocolate Brown, Soft Brown, Foiled Bronze, Deep Taupe, Metallic Rose, Rose Clay, Antique Rose, Petal, Metal Mauve, Sheer Sand

Overall, both eyeshadow palettes are beautiful! Whether you go for Reflex Light or Natural Beauty, you won’t be disappointed!

Pixi Eye Reflections Shadow Palette is £24 and you get 16.5 g shadows. You get 12 gorgeous eyeshadows and it is definitely great value for the money. Considering you pay £10 for 1.5 g MAC refill, these are steal! Eyeshadows are really easy to wear and versatile. Most of these colours would be suitable for many different skin tones. Would I recommend it? I would recommend it, especially the Reflex Light! Apart from these two, they also have Mixed Metals palette which is more on the pink side, I will be checking that out!

Pixi Beauty Natural Beauty and Reflex Light Palettes and Brush Review

Apart from these two beautiful eyeshadow palettes, Pixi has new eye brush releases! Until now, I haven’t tried any Pixi brushes so it was a first and they are as good as the eyeshadows! You get a fluff, smudge and creases/blend brushes. These brushes are really soft and densely packed! Those three brushes come in a really sturdy case (just noticed that I haven’t photographed it!). At the moment I don’t know how much they are as they are not released on the website yet. I think they would be somewhere around £10-15 per brush which is normal for a good brush!

Have you tried Pixi Eye Reflections Shadow Palette yet? Are you more into metallic or neutral colours?


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