Another month is over and we are only a few months away from a new year. It is crazy, can’t we just slow down the time and enjoy the summer more…? Let’s talk about my August favourites…

My August Favourites 2015

First let’s dig into skin care products. This is also an old favourite of mine. When I don’t feel like putting much makeup on, but want my skin to look good, then I use L’Oréal Paris Skin Perfection Day Moisturiser. Continue Reading

Foundations are great for covering any skin problems and basically give us a second skin. Don’t you think that our skin also need some foundation free days too? If you can’t go a day without applying a foundation, then at least do you go for a lighter one or still use that heavy coverage one? In this post I will talk about Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude, a foundation I really like.

Continue Reading

We all speak between us about all sorts of beauty products, but have you ever considered thinking about it from a man’s perspective? Apparently it is Chinese to most of them… So when you need some makeup products, can you rely on your partner?

Men vs Makeup – Who will win the battle?

A while ago I asked my partner to get me a concealer and he was like “con… what?” so he didn’t even know what concealer is. Continue Reading

Powders are great when we want to set the makeup and get some shine free finish. Especially during summer, when it gets really hot and makeup doesn’t last for so long, powders are great savers of the makeup. Don’t you think so? S0, let’s talk about powder…

I have a love&hate relationship with powders. When I find a good powder that I can rely on, I can use it without worrying. However, there are some that promise a lot, which ends up causing such cakey looking skin, then I really hate them. Continue Reading