It is weekend… what’s better than having two whole days just to rest and having great time without worrying about finishing some work? Maybe some ice cream to cool down in these hot days? However, do you think about what to take with you in your weekend bag?

Except having to deal with so hot humid weather, I like summer weekends. You can always do a lot and have so much fun without worrying about not getting soaking wet under the freezing rain. When you think about it; you can take long walks, sit at the café next to the sea, go for picnic, sunbathing and so on… Summer is good.

Bag essentials

Things you should have in your Weekend Bag

At the weekends I don’t like to carry big bags but small ones. I just want to carry essential bits with me instead of having a bag full of stuff that I might not even need, if you know what I mean. I like to keep it simple. Here are my weekend bag essentials…


My partner got this from Mantaray as a gift. I love it, my cards and everything else fits in it perfectly. Also I love owls and it has an owl on it, so it is great.


As I mentioned before, I like having minimal makeup during summer so I don’t have to worry about carrying a bag full of makeup products with me, which makes the bag lighter. I only take a lipstick of choice and maybe an eye pencil or powder… that’s about it.


Carrying a perfume/deodorant is a must in these summer days; no one wants to smell bad. I ran out of my tiny perfumes so I have to carry a big bottle unfortunately. The best one that fits in my small bag is CK One Shock, it is perfect for summer. It is a light and sweet floral scent. If you like floral/sweet scents then you might like this one.


They are a must for me in summer, I can’t go anywhere without them. You should keep your eyes healthy so you should never leave home without them.

Bobby Pins for my Hair

In all of my bags, I have some bobby pins. Sometimes I forget about them and when I clean my bag I just make a big mess and they are everywhere. They are so useful and somehow I always end up needing them. So instead of carrying big hair clips, bobby pins are the savers.


Of course I have a special place for my phone in my bag, also headsets becomes handy when you want to listen some music as you are taking a nice walk.

Mantaray Purse

This is the stuff I have in my weekend bag if I don’t have anything special to do or to attend. What do you carry with you at the weekends? Do you prefer big bags or small ones just do the job for you?

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