Perfumes are must-haves of the daily life. Floral, fresh, oriental and woody notes… so much to choose from. Have you ever thought what you like about your favourite scent? Which note of it do you like the most? When you check the description of the perfumes there is that section where it says top, middle/heart and base notes… do you actually know what it is?

I didn’t know it until a year ago. I was a person who got the perfume with first the sniff, however, I was making a big mistake. There were many times that I got the perfume, came home, and it smelled different than what it really did at the store. Apparently top note lasts about 15 minutes, heart note for 30 minutes after top note evaporates and the base note lasts around 24 hours. So when you choose a perfume, make sure to wait some time before you actually get it (at least that’s what I’ve been doing since then).

I don’t have any specific scent type that I prefer; I just like what smells nice and lasts for quite a long time. Though, I must say I prefer fresh, floral notes more in summer, because they just make me feel refreshed. I guess I only have two scents that are perfect for summer. Let’s talk about some of the perfumes that I like…

Perfumes I like

Hugo Boss Orange

CK One Shock

CK One Shock is a floral scent; I keep using it in spring/summer. It doesn’t give that heavy fragrance feeling but nice sweet floral one. I wouldn’t say it is a long lasting scent, however, I think most of the fresh scents don’t last for too long.

Giorgia Armani Acqua di Gioia

Giorgia Armani Acqua di Gioia is a fresh floral fragrance and really ideal for hot/warm weather as well. If you haven’t smelled this yet, you should definitely give it a try. It is really light and nice smell. I was writing about this perfume in my post Hugo Boss Orange, and I keep using it constantly.

Gucci Guilty Black

Gucci Guilty Black is also floral, but oriental floral which doesn’t make it an ideal fragrance for me, especially for summer. I can use it in any season, but in summer. If I wear it in summer, It makes me feeling dizzy. I just don’t think oriental scents are the right scents for summer.

Boss Orange

Boss Orange has oriental woody notes; it smells divine, but I prefer this more for autumn/winter. It has really long lasting smell which I really like about.

Gucci Guilty Black

These are my four picks of different notes. They are definitely worth a try if you haven’t tried them. Which is your favourite note for summer? What’s your favourite perfume?

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