One of the things most of us probably skip is the body care. Putting body lotion or body oil might feel like a time consuming thing to do especially if you are in hurry. I am sure we all have the same “nothing will happen if you skip it one time” excuse, right? If you can find a lightweight lotion so that you don’t need to wait so long for it to soak, like The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea, would you reconsider applying body lotion without skipping a day?

In winter I hardly skip applying body lotion, otherwise I end up getting dehydrated and dry skin straight away. When the weather gets warmer, it is the time I end up skipping applying body products then dealing with dry skin afterwards. I guess one of the reasons that I skip it is the sticky feeling, who would want feeling all oily in summer when it is boiling hot outside?

In summer if you don’t use any prevention, you can get more dry skin. With the hot weather water loss will be more, then dehydration will cause dry skin. You need something to make a barrier which will stop water loss from your skin. Because of these reasons, body care is also important like skin care. Also if you find something light and fast absorbing, then you don’t need to spend so much time to wait it to be soaked in.

Unlike Moringa Body Butter, The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea body butter is lightweight and goes on smoothly. Even the texture is softer than moringa body butter, it is easier to apply and the skin soaks it quickly. Applying the body butter and waiting for it to soak in so we can get dressed isn’t ideal, is it? Even though it is light in texture, it is really hydrating and the skin feels softer till the end of the day.

Also green tea has so many benefits for the skin, so using green tea body butter will improve skin condition. Did you know that you can use greet tea lotions on sun burnt skin? I won’t only rely on the lotion and I will always have my green tea daily. Green tea boost inside and out and hope that anti-aging effect will work for me.

It has fresh scent, it is so crisp and somehow relaxing. At first it might be overpowering and it will linger on the skin for a while then once it fades away, you will be left with clean smell. You can even skip your perfume, if you don’t have something special. Also don’t rely on free perfume body lotions, most of them only give scent without actually hydrating the skin.

If you want something light, this is something to consider. How often do you use body care products? Have you tried The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea body butter? Do you  believe in the effects of green tea?

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