If you are a skincare addict then you probably heard about the Alpha-H Liquid Gold, if you didn’t then, a quick recap for you… Liquid Gold is a resurfacing and revitalising lotion which improves the skin’s texture and continuous use will help to tighten the pores and reduce the signs of aging. Good isn’t it? Alpha-H brought out Rose limited edition a while ago. Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose has more to offer… Especially for those with drier skin!

My first experience with Alpha-H products was through last year’s M&S Advent Calendar. One of the products of the calendar was Alpha-H Liquid Gold and all I could say is it is good! After knowing how good the original liquid gold is, I had high expectations from the Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose. It’s way better than expected! Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose is an all in one product… it’s exfoliator, toner, serum and moisturiser!

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose does everything the original Alpha-H Liquid Gold does, on top of it, it helps to improve skin hydration and moisture! Rose edition combines moisture-binding, anti-inflammatory ingredients as well as the botanical extracts of rose, lotus and orchid. It feels light on the skin and gives you the instant hydration. The low pH level helps to diminish the surface roughness, hyperpigmentation issues and sun damage. I can say it is suitable for all skin types, especially for the dry skin due to its moisturising properties. It might be a little heavy for oily skins in spring/summer times, however, when it is cold it might be your saviour!

How do I use it? After cleansing the skin, I apply it to the dried skin. You can use it each alternate evening, however, I use this one when my skin feels a little on the drier side and use other products like Alpha-H Liquid Gold, Pixi or the Ordinary ones when my skin is in good condition. It gives tingling effect. If your skin is too sensitive then that might be a little uncomfortable for you, however, it’s worth all the pain. This is a good product for an intensive care, so you can always skip the moisturiser/serum after applying this exfoliator… Well, this is how I use it and wake up to a brighter and healthier looking complexion.

Which one do I prefer? They are almost the same and I like both of them, however, for my skin I think Alpha-H Liquid Gold is more suitable for all around the year and Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose is best for the colder months as my skin lacks moisture. Before picking up one, just decide what your skin actually needs. If you tried Alpha-H Liquid Gold before and found it drying then definitely check out the gold edition! Gold edition will give you boost in moisture and healthy looking skin. If you have oily/combination skin and you don’t have much luck with the moisturising products then go for the original one.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose is £37 for 100 ml. It is slightly more expensive than the original Alpha-H Liquid Gold. Even though they are on the expensive side, it is always worth paying extra for the products that deliver.

Have you tried Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose before? What do you think about the chemical exfoliators?

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