Picking a wedding dress is not easy, there are so many decisions to make like.. there are different models from A line to ball gown, different colours white to ivory and so many other tiny details and most importantly budget. So, deciding on a wedding dress should be one of the first things to do once the big day is set.

When there are so many different wedding dresses on the market, it is a really hard to pick one that you truly love (especially with limited budget). At least for me it was kinda hard decision. I got the dress tailored from scratch (I must tell you, it has advantages as well as disadvantages) and decided to make a major change just two weeks before the wedding as it wasn’t looking as good as I imagined. Basically, firstly I wanted something with sleeves as the wedding was supposed to be on November, however, since it got postponed to May and the tailors couldn’t get the sleeves right, then it was the time I changed it to strapless wedding dress.

How to pick the Wedding Dress


You can find your dream dress fairly quickly, but it is most likely way over your budget, you either gonna have to sacrifice and look for something else or you will just get it and be broke at the end of the wedding. It is all about prioritising your wedding wishes. Nowadays, wedding dresses are sold everywhere, especially online. They are cheap and look good on photos, but how much can you trust them? My sister in law ordered her dress online and she said it was exactly how it looked, but there are opposite examples as well. If you plan to order your dress online, go for a trusted seller not just random seller. It is your big day and you don’t want to be disappointed.

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Getting the dress tailored won’t be the cheapest option, my dress cost around £700-800 and I had a few issues with it. Think that they got the delivery booked to 9th of May when the wedding was at 7th of May, it caused a wedding crisis just before the wedding. I wish I had seen wed2be webpage earlier, they have wedding dresses from £150 to £499 and there are some gorgeous ones, which are exactly how I wanted and good thing is they have stores all around the UK. If you’re planning your wedding, I’d highly recommend you to check it. For henna night, I ordered a dress from Asos’s wedding collection, you can always check trusted sources and it looks exactly like on the photo. I wish I had ordered size 6, it would have fit perfectly then instead of ordering size 8! If you order online, don’t forget that you will have to get it tailored and getting it tailored might cost more than the price you paid for the dress.


Wedding Dress for Spring & Summer Weddings - Strapless Wedding Dress and Wedding Photography for Spring & Summer Weddings

Not every wedding dress will look good on you! If you’re tiny like me 5’ 1” (around 153 cm), then you better try a few dresses in wedding shops if you will make an online ordering. For instance, mermaid dresses didn’t look good, so I went for a mixture of A line and ball gown. It has lace back with tiny buttons and also kinda long tail. You might consider having a tail, however, bear in mind that walking around and dancing won’t be easy, when you have people around you.

Also choosing a fabric is hard and if you want something with lace then it will get even harder. Just don’t let the sales assistants fool you, all they want is to sell something expensive without actually caring how you look in it (at least my experience).


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Once you picked the dress, deciding on the shoes and all other things you will be wearing is the next thing to worry about. If you’re short and your partner is tall like mine (6’ 1’’ – around 186 cm) then wearing high heels will be a better option. At least it will be easy to dance and also it won’t look that awkward on photos.

I went for a simple necklace and earrings, which were a present from now my husband, so I wanted to wear these pieces as they have sentimental value for me. Also, I really don’t like catchy jewellery so having something minimal was good.

Also choose a lower bouquet of your favourite flowers, don’t leave it to the last minute and get it arranged way before, so can have fresh flowers on your wedding day. If you’re not sure about which colours you want then check Pinterest or even Pantone colours, it would give you some inspirations.

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A Few Warnings About Wedding Dresses

  • If you pick a really big wedding dress, getting into the car won’t be easy (it wasn’t easy for me)
  • When you have a photo session, someone has to help you when you walk around. You wouldn’t want your wedding dress to get all green when you walk on the grass.
  • If you have to do some traditions (like wood cutting) then you will wish you chose something low maintenance
  • If you have your wedding at a different city or country, just make sure that nothing happens to the top bit of the wedding dress, especially if you’re wearing something with the lace. It is possible that the lace might mess up and the top part is impossible to iron.
  • Veil might mess up your hair, so you might consider having hair spray and a few clips around just in case you need it.
  • Last but not least, when you dance, people stepping on the dress can make you fall down (well I know it… It happened and not only one and not only to me, at the end of the night after a big fall, I ended up having a bruised hand and knee and they still hurt even after a month later)

Wedding Dress for Spring & Summer Weddings - Strapless Wedding Dress and Wedding Photography for Spring & Summer Weddings - Wedding Photography in the Nature

These are my experiences with the wedding dress, it is your big day, so don’t let anyone affect you and you choose what you want to wear, this is the most important thing. These people will always be there, so just close your ears and go for what you like.

How would you want your wedding dress to be? If you’re married, did you have any funny memories with your wedding?

Many thanks to our photographer Nadine from Augenwerke Fotografie. Thanks for everything, the photos turned out to be really nice!

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