One of the things that I can’t resist is pretty packaging! I have bought countless products just because I like the packaging. Some delivered and some failed a big time, but in the end, it was love at first sight and you can’t always win. Recently I received some goodies from Sara Miller London beauty range and the first thing that caught my attention was the gorgeous packaging! I like Sara Miller’s cards and wrapping papers, however, I didn’t know that they released a beauty range.

If you know Sara Miller London then you possibly know how elegant and colourful the designs are. Rich colours and gold details are always on her designs and her beauty range is no exception. Vivid colours, eye-catching designs (gold branches and colourful birds) and good products… Also, each product has a golden lid with beautiful engraving! What else can you ask for? Before mumbling a lot, let’s get to the real topic… Let’s talk about Sara Miller London beauty range!

Sara Miller London Beauty Range

Sara Miller Rose, Patchouli & Cassis Body Souffle

Don’t you like the lingering smell of the body lotion… Sara Miller Rose, Patchouli & Cassis Body Souffle is delicately scented with Moroccan rose petals, ripened cassis and raspberry on the base of anise and warm amber. It is floral, it is sweet, it is warm and delicate without being overwhelming! It just leaves a subtle scent on the skin and fades away slowly. The souffle is packed with shea butter(moisturising), meadowfoam seed oil(antioxidant), babassu oil(conditioning) and also hyaluronic acid which helps to maintain skin’s hydration. In winter I tend to use richer lotions which absorbed quickly, however, finding one that ticks all the boxes is not that easy.. I can confirm that this body souffle not only smells divine but also makes the skin so soft! You don’t need much to cover your whole body and it is absorbed quickly without leaving any sticky, greasy feeling. If you want your body lotion to deliver, then you should give this one a try! Also, the glass jar and beautiful packaging make it stand out! Sara Miller Rose, Patchouli & Cassis Body Souffle is £18 for 180 ml.

Sara Miller London Beauty Range Review

Sara Miller Fig Leaf, Cardamom & Vetiver Hand Cream

Hand cream is one of the products that I make sure to use every day. Hand creams must be light, easily absorbed and they shouldn’t leave any greasy feeling. Sara Miller Fig Leaf, Cardamom & Vetiver Hand Cream luckily delivers them all. Meadowfoam seed oil, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, glycerin and vitamin are the main ingredients which help to deliver smooth skin. The cream is absorbed very quickly with no greasy feeling. It is nourishing and makes my hand so soft! Even though it is really moisturising, I’m not sure if it would be ideal for really dry hands. Also, another point to touch is the beautiful light floral scent. I like the smell of fig trees and it reminds me of my childhood. Whenever I use it, I remember the times I used to climb on the fig trees to pick some fig. I must say this one comes with the most sophisticated packaging which I will definitely be keeping! It comes in a colourful cardboard sleeve which gives a premium finish! Sara Miller Fig Leaf, Cardamom & Vetiver Hand Cream is £14 for 150 ml. Even though it is a little on the expensive side for a hand cream, you only need a pea size to cover your hands.

Sara Miller London Beauty Range Review | Sara Miller Fig Leaf, Cardamom & Vertiver Hand Cream

Sara Miller Blue Lotus, Watermelon & Shea Butter Lip Balm

Have you ever had watermelon flavoured gum? If the answer is yes then you know that mouthwatering watermelon scent… This Sara Miller Blue Lotus, Watermelon & Shea Butter Lip Balm exactly smells like that and it is addictive! The good thing is it is not only delicious but also hydrating! I can have really dry lips and there are only a few lip balms that actually make difference and this is now one of them. Like the other two products, it is packed with vitamin E, blue lotus flower extract, shea butter and babassu oil to leave lips soft and moisturised. Lip balm helps to get the lip silky soft and well protected for a good few hours! It is also in a glass pot with a beautiful gold lid. Sara Miller Blue Lotus, Watermelon & Shea Butter Lip Balm is £10 for 18 g which is a good price for a good lip balm!

Sara Miller Pink Bird Small Cosmetic Bag

Last but not least is the stunning makeup bag… This hot pink makeup bag is elegant and the perfect size for carrying your daily needs. Like all other products in the beauty range, this makeup bag has similar designs and gold features. I’m loving the pink and golden zip! Sara Miller Pink Bird Small Cosmetic Bag is £24.

Sara Miller London Beauty Range Review

One thing I could say, these products would make any beauty lover happy. The beautifully packaged products give luxurious feeling without having the hefty price tag. If you are looking for stocking fillers or you are doing Secret Santa, or simply you just want to treat yourself, this Sara Miller London Beauty Range is worth checking! Think about having these beautifully packaged products in your bathroom display or on your vanity, it would just brighten up space. Would I recommend them? I would highly recommend and I think I will pick up a few for gifts to people. Also, these products were sent in a beautiful butterfly gift box which will definitely come handy!

Have you seen Sara Miller London Beauty range before? Have you had any Sara Miller London products? Do you fall for pretty packaging?

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