Nothing is better than being makeup free and having a perfectly cleaned skin before going to bed. So as you rest, your skin can refresh right? First step of achieving this is to clean the makeup properly of course. It is hard to choose the product, which will do that best. Can you rely on what you see or hear without giving it a try yourself?

How to be Makeup Free?

I like to have really light products for removing my makeup, as I have really oily skin. When I came across Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and L’Oréal Paris Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution, I just wanted to give them a try, even tho they are similar products I just wanted them both. Both Garnier and  L’Oréal micellar water assure cleaning your makeup without leaving any residuals on the face. Is it even possible? In order to see which one I would prefer the most, I used both of them in different combinations. One day I would try Garnier and then the other day L’Oréal and some days Garner on one half of the face and L’Oréal on the other, crazy right? They are almost the same, both of these products have their pros and cons of course. What I didn’t like is both slightly burn my eyes, it might be because of having sensitive eyes I don’t know.

Makeup free 1 (Garnier vs L'Oréal)
I feel like L’Oréal cleans my eye makeup better than Garnier as in the mornings I had some black bits around my lash lines when I used Garnier. Then L’Oréal dries out my oily skin whereas Garnier gives that nice baby like skin feeling. Also, I believe that skincare products should be perfume free; for some reason it irritates me. Both Garnier and L’Oréal claim to have no perfume. However, I can get hints of scent on L’Oréal, but Garnier definitely doesn’t have any perfume.

In conclusion, even tho I really like both of these products I prefer Garnier micellar water more as it is better for my skin and has no scent. Recently, I started to use L’Oréal on my eyes and Garnier on my face and then the problem is solved…

Have you tried any of these? What are your favourite makeup free products?Have you tried any of these? What are your favourite makeup free products?

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