Bold berry lips can be perfect for colder months, however, when it is summer then adding lighter and brighter colours to your routine is better. As the temperature rises, the last thing anyone would want is to have some heavy feeling on the face, that’s why it is best to change the makeup routine and lean towards something more appropriate for summer. Make a list of summer makeup must haves and change the routine with them.

How do you imagine your summer makeup? Is it bronzed and glowy skin or minimal almost makeup free face? No matter which one you choose, the one thing both of these makeups have in common is to have healthy looking skin. You can fake it with a few changes in the makeup routine.

5 Summer Makeup Must Haves

1. Light Base

The last thing you want in summer to have a heavy foundation sitting on your face. Also, the bad thing is it will melt off during the day you might end up having a patchy base. Therefore, it is best to have a lightweight base and let your skin breath and get enough vitamin D from the sun. NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint is the latest addition to my routine and I don’t know why I waited for so long, it is a lightweight and perfect summer base. Like I said before, it is best to leave heavy bases and lean towards lighter ones for the sake of your skin.

2. Illuminator – Strobe Cream

Strobing is a big thing this summer. Having sun kissed glowy skin and healthy glow is this season’s makeup hits. Even if you aren’t sure about this trend, you can use strobe cream as base then apply your foundation afterwards. You will love the glow you get without having too much. If you are really into glowy skin, you should add illuminator to makeup routine, you can use it all around.

3. Highlighter

Think how simple makeup terms were years ago and now there are so many things like highlighter and illuminator. What’s the difference between them when they give almost the same finish? All I know is highlighters are for enhancing the areas which sun would hit directly and give glow to these areas, whereas illuminators can be used all over or mixed with foundations, I don’t know if that makes any sense! Like I mentioned before if you want to get glowy this season, you need them all. theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer and Cind-Lou Manizer can be two highlighters to add to your makeup bag, extra pigmented and smooth highlighters are the best!

4. Colourful Lips

It is time to leave vampy dark lips behind and go for lighter and brighter colours. Adding colour in to your makeup routine will boost up your mood like the summer sun. Refreshing the lipstick is one of the easiest steps so formula doesn’t really matter, there are so many to choose from sheer to matte, but make sure you go for something you wouldn’t normally wear in winter. MAC Chatterbox and Brave are my go-to lipsticks at the moment, one light and one bright…

5. Set It – Fix It

As much as we like hot weather, we really don’t like the effect it has on the makeup. Having full face makeup, then after one hour looking like a shiny disco ball is the last thing we want. Constantly using powder to set the makeup isn’t the best choice, however, setting and fixing sprays come handy. They are must haves for everyone. MAC Prep+Prime Fix+ can be good when you want to get rid of the powdery look, whereas something like Urban Decay Setting spray will be good to keep your makeup still without messing up.

In summer it’s best to stick to light and minimal makeup, in the end your skin will benefit from it. These are my 5 summer makeup must haves. Adding these to the makeup routine will help you achieve glowly perfect summer makeup.

What are your summer makeup must haves? Which products you can’t go without in Summer?

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