Do you remember when was the first time you got your first makeup product? I’m not talking about sneaking into your mum’s room and playing with her makeup products. I’m talking about your first ever product that you saved money to get? How did your first makeup love start?

Good old days… Whenever mum was busy doing something, I’d sneak into her room to try some lipsticks and pose in front of the mirror. I knew that sooner or later, I’d get my hands on my own stuff. Just had to be patient and old enough!

I still remember the time, it was summer, when I got my hands on my first ever makeup product. It was a black eye pencil! Beauty, teenage magazines were the inspiration for me, so I just copied what I saw on the magazines. When my brother saw me, he was shocked and asked “What the heck did you do to your eyes?”. I was silly enough to think he wouldn’t notice it. It was just too much, I ended up having gothic eye makeup. After that experience, I managed to learn how to apply it lightly.

Also, I was kinda lucky because whenever I wanted to try something I’d tell my dad and he would get it from his friend’s beauty store. Of course back then my makeup knowledge was limited and all the brands I knew were from the teenage magazines. One time I remember asking him, if he could get foundation and powder for me so I’d cover up my spots. What’s the logic? He didn’t say no and came home with a big bag full of products! Then the foundation application another disaster, I wish I had known the importance of “blending”. Oh well, we learn from our mistakes, right?

My first ever lipstick was from Maybelline, it was icy pink colour and I paid so much to get it. When you keep seeing the adverts on TV, you want things and when you get your hands on it then you kinda feel special and happy. Good old times!

Now everything is way easier for people who want to start makeup. There are so many stores and so many options from drugstore to high end. It wasn’t that affordable and easy to get your hands on the products almost 20 years ago, especially when you’re just a student. I still wouldn’t want to change the time I grew up!

How about your first makeup love story? How did you get into makeup? Which was the first product you got saving your money? If you had a chance, would you want to change the time you grew up?

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