Can we consider mascara as one of the most used makeup products or would it be just wrong? Crazy that it comes from Ancient Egypt and it has been around for so long… Did you even know that?

When it comes to highlighting your eye lashes, do you have any selection criteria or do you just get what appeals to your eyes? Even tho the look of the highlighted eye lashes takes my attention, I have a few criteria when I choose one. First thing I check in mascara is the wand. I mostly go for the ones that have plastic-silicone wand rather than the bristle wands, which I believe works better on separating my lashes. I haven’t bought any mascara that doesn’t have silicone wand for so long, I just get what I got used to. Also I don’t really check the formula of the products, all I know is if it is waterproof or not. However, let’s talk mascara…

Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara

It is one of my favourite mascara. At first I wasn’t so sure about getting it, as the wand just didn’t look right, then I kept checking it when I went to the store and ended up buying it. I am so glad that I did… The wand is so great that it gets into the lashes so well and applies the mascara evenly. You don’t get any clumps or excessive product on your lashes, which I really like. It also gives really nice volume and length to the lashes. Also, it lasts all day what else can you ask for? When I want dramatic looking lashes then all I need to do is apply couple of layers of this mascara, then ta-da!

L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes So Couture

I don’t have really long lashes and they are not really curved. So if a mascara makes my lashes look full and long, and gives them a nice curve, then we are BFFs. It is one of these products which gives you everything you might want from a mascara. Volumised long lashes, no clumps and the product itself doesn’t make the lashes crispy, which is great!

Seventeen Doll’d Up Mascara

It is the first ever product that I tried from this brand, I got it because I so like the wand. It is more budget friendly than the rest of the products however it is also a really good one. So don’t judge a product with its price. The flat part of the wand makes the application easy on bottom lashes and the round part is good at curving the lashes. It gives such a long volume and the lashes look so pretty afterwards.

Rimmel ScandalEyes Xxtreme Black Mascara

When I finished Seventeen mascara, I saw Rimmel one that has a similar wand. Even tho the wands look similar, they are not really the same. 17 one doesn’t get any excessive amount of product on, but Rimmel one gets so much and applying it is a nightmare. I get clumps and my lashes stick together… not something that you’d want from a mascara. It might be the formulation of the product or might be the wand, however, it is not a product that I would consider repurchasing.

Rimmel ScandalEyes Xxtreme Black Mascara

I must say there are so many great drugstore brands that release so many good mascaras, so I hardly check high end ones. Nevertheless, I have some on my list that I really want to get…

What do you check when you buy a mascara? What are your drugstore and high end favourites? Sometimes when I finish one and I really like the wand, I just wash the wand, keep it and use it… Am I the only one?

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