I’ve tried a handful of lip boosting products before… It’s all because of having small, thin lips and I don’t consider the lip injections. If I could find a product that would temporarily boost the look of my lips, I’d still be happy with that. Any luck so far? Unfortunately no… Can Pixi LipLift Max be an answer to my problems? Maybe?

Second lip product of M&S Advent Calendar is Pixi LipLift Max which is a volume maximising lip treatment. I’ve tried a few Pixi products, most of them are skincare products apart from Pixi Brow Tamer which I love. After all the good impression I have with Pixi products, I was happy to see another one in the advent calendar.

I’m not really a lip gloss person. I have quite a few of them and ask me when was the last time I used them, I wouldn’t be able to reply. I can’t tolerate stickiness and my hair sticking to my lips, that’s one of the reasons why I avoid them.

Pixi LipLift Max is a little different than most of the lip glosses I tried. What makes it different? It is not just a lip gloss but a volume maximising treatment. Volume maximising? Well, count me in! It features a mix of aloe, jojoba, peptides and chamomile, all formulated to help hydrate, firm and plump the lips.

Pixi LipLift Max has a minty refreshing smell. It reminds me of Burts Bee Lip Balm. When you put it on the lips, you feel the sense of freshness straightaway. You also taste the mint… Don’t ask how I know it… It gives tingling cooling sensation and it lasts for at least 20-30 minutes. I make sure to apply lip balm beforehand to get rid of dry flakes and have smoother lips to apply the balm.

Even though it looks like peachy/nude colour with nano sparkles, it is almost colourless once applied to the lips. I can’t see any sparkles but the glossy shine. So don’t expect to have much colour on your lips with that.

How effective is it? I can’t say it is too effective on my lips. I think plumping products give a more visible result on the bigger lips and I’m not that lucky person. It gives a little plumping effect to my bottom lips, however, it is not that noticeable. Once applied, it makes my lips so soft and my lips stay the same until the gloss wears off then it’s prone to getting dry.

Pixi Lipift Max is £12 for 2.7 g. Would I purchase it? I wouldn’t purchase it. The main reason is that I’m not a fan of lip glosses and I find this one a little sticky for my taste. If you want to try a lip gloss with would possibly plump your lips a little, you can add this to your list.

Have you tried any Pixi makeup products? Are you a liquid lip product lover or meh it is not for you?

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