I know it will be a cliché to say but do you also agree that 2016 has passed so quickly? It feels like time flies and now we are only 31 days away from a brand new year. Whether you’re planning to participate Blogmas or you need some festive blog post ideas, you can find 25 Christmas blog post ideas in this post. 

Do you remember your childhood times? When I was a kid, I would always complain that time never passes and now it is the exactly opposite. I still remember the first day of 2016 like yesterday and now 2016 is almost over. I guess it is true, time passes faster the older you get. Instead of complaining about how fast time flies, it is best to make the most of it.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, there’s something special about December! Everywhere is so colourful and festive. Let’s get the posts more colourful and more fun…

25 Christmas Blog Post Ideas

  1. Gift Guide for Her
  2. Gift Guide for Him
  3. Stocking Fillers for Her
  4. Stocking Fillers for Him
  5. Secret Santa: Gifts Under £10
  6. Creative Gifts Under £20
  7. Christmas Wishlist
  8. Festive Baking: Christmas Ginger Cookies (or whatever your favourite cookie is)
  9. Festive Drink/Cocktail Ideas
  10. 5 Things to Do in December
  11. 10 Holiday Movies to Watch
  12. Top 10 Christmas Songs to Listen
  13. Festive Makeup Look
  14. Festive Nails: Colourful Nails for Christmas
  15. DIY Gift Ideas
  16. Festive DIY: DIY Ornaments for Christmas Tree
  17. Christmas Decoration Ideas
  18. Day to Night Makeup Challenge
  19. Gift Wrapping Ideas
  20. Festive Outfit: What to Wear to a Christmas Party
  21. Party Bag Essentials
  22. Festive Beauty Picks: Must-Have Beauty Products
  23. Last Minute Gift Ideas
  24. 5 Board Games to Play with the Family
  25. Let’s Get Festive!

These are my 25 Christmas blog post ideas, do you have any interesting post ideas? Are you planning to participate in Blogmas? Do you have any plans for Christmas?

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