Sometimes don’t you want that extra 5 minutes of sleep, instead of leaving the bed and starting your day. Probably all of us have one of these moments, where we just let the sleep take over. These are the days 5 minute makeup is all you can do and it can actually make a big difference. When you want to add a little bit extra, then 5 minute bronze makeup will be your thing.

Unless I have something special, I prefer to have my makeup minimal and effortless in summer. When I am late, then worrying about the makeup is the last thing I want or have time to. These moments are the moments I have my 5 minute makeup, effortless yet makes me look decent. Bronze eye makeup is one of my favourite, so let’s start with my 5 minute bronze makeup products.

Before starting the makeup using a product like a sorbet which can also act like primer would save you time. Once it is done then, you will be left with velvety soft skin, it is a perfect base for the foundation. When you are in hurry, it is best to use light bases which won’t require so much blending. NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint is one of these lightweight medium coverage foundation and it is easy to work with. Applying it with brush is quicker than applying with a sponge. Just get a tiny amount and apply it all over, your base will be perfect.

Eyebrows define the face, that’s why never skip doing the brows, especially when you’re having a quick makeup. Even if your makeup isn’t perfect, brows will make it better. Soap&Glory Archery is my favourite, with a few quick strokes, brows will be ready. Cream eye products come handy for quick makeup. You can use your finger to just blend it all in. Maybelline Color Tattoo in And On Bronze or Max Factor Excess Shimmer eyeshadow in Bronze  are a gorgeous bronze colour and they don’t require so much work. Always wear your trusty mascara, you don’t want to get mascara all over your eyes when you are rushing around.

It is good to have multitasking product, the last thing you want is to look around for products. Smashbox Crush On Palette has everything you need from bronzer to highlighter to finish off the makeup. Use bronzer to define the cheek bones and apply highlighter all around to get the sun-kissed glowy makeup. Don’t forget to apply the highlighter below your brow done to get instant glow.

To finish of the makeup, just pick the lipstick which reflects your mood, then you are ready to go. This is my go-to 5 minute bronze makeup when I have plans and don’t have so much time to get ready. Choosing cream products are the best with quick makeup.

How is your 5 minutes makeup? Which products are your essentials when it comes to quick makeup? Which steps do you tend to skip?


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