Face oils can be a little tricky and the result of it all depends on your skin’s condition. Some can think that face oils do miracles and the others think they are better off. I’m in the middle! I try different oils… I’m better off with some and there are some that I can’t skip in my routine. Balance Me Rose Otto Face Oil is a new oil to my skincare routine, what do I think about it? Well, keep on reading!

I’ve read endless reviews about Balance Me products, however, until now I haven’t tried any of them. M&S Advent Calendar brought 10 ml Balance Me Rose Otto Face Oil. I’m always keen on trying new products which claim a lot, however, due to my oily/combination skin, I play it safe when it comes to trying new oils.

Balance Me Rose Otto Face Oil is said to be perfect for protecting, replenishing and deeply hydrating sensitive skin. Also this oil helps to reduce sensitivity, calm skin reactions, strengthen skin, and minimise the visible signs of ageing of even the most sensitive complexions. Their signature blend of pure rose otto, palma rosa and rose geranium essential oils will stimulate cell production and bring back the skin’s moisture. All good so far, however, how effective is it?

This lightweight oil definitely moisturises the skin and gives silky finish. After a few usage, the complexion looks healthier and brighter. Luckily, my skin hasn’t reacted to this oil and my face hasn’t got any oilier. It is important to treat your skin gently and protect it well. This face oil can be the start point, it is light, it is gentle, it is hydrating and it is all natural.

Balance Me Rose Otto Face Oil comes in a glass roller which is the perfect size for travelling or carrying around in your makeup bag. This 10 ml size is big enough to try the product before investing in the full-size. How does it smell? It smells like tea… To be more specific, it smells more like an earl grey tea. Even though it has light fragrance, it is not a smell that I prefer. Luckily the fragrance doesn’t linger long.

How to use it? You’re recommended to warm two drops of oil in clean palm and massage it in circular movements to the cleansed face. I recommend using this oil after exfoliating the skin, I think it works better that way. It is not easy to get the right amount with the glass roller, you might want to apply it directly to the cleansed skin… Well, at least that’s how I do it rather than wasting the oil. You can use it both in the morning and at night. I prefer using it as an overnight treatment rather than using it in the morning.

Balance Me Rose Otto Face Oil is £32 for 30 ml. It is still on the more affordable side than Kiehl’s and some other brands. If you’re looking for a lightweight oil which balances the skin and 100% natural then add this to your list. It is a good oil, I need to finish the whole thing to say anything about the ageing effects, however, I could see an improvement on my skin texture.

Have you tried Balance Me products? What is your ultimate oil/serum which you can’t be without?

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