I have a love and hate relationship with the glittery nail polishes. Love them because they look good and give a little bit of sparkle to the nails… Hate them because it gets so messy when you to remove them and there are glitters everywhere… It is either me or it is the general problem of the sparkles. Leighton Denny Glitter Nail Polish in Stardust is the latest addition to my nail polish stash and it is glittery…

I don’t have much experience with Leighton Denny products. The first product I tried was Leighton Denny Expert Nails Crystal Nail File with last year’s M&S Advent Calendar and the second nail polish of the advent calendar is Leighton Denny Glitter Nail Polish in Stardust. I should say the combination of those two nail polishes can give you the perfect party nails.

Let’s start with the consistency of the Leighton Denny Glitter Nail Polish… It has a really thick consistency, I could say more like a glue. It reminds me off glittery glues. Due to its consistency, it might not be that easy to get the even coats. It’s packed with so many glitters. Even if you can’t get the even coat, you still get it some glitters everywhere.

Unlike the other glittery nail polishes I have, this one dries matte. Even though I am not a matte nail polish person, I could still tolerate it up to a certain point, however, when it comes to the glittery nail polish, I want it to shine. If you want a shiny finish then you will have to apply a top coat. Having a top coat wouldn’t be a problem if the consistency wasn’t that bad. When you apply glitters and top coat then the layers get so thick and they are more prone to peeling.

How long does it last? It depends on how you apply it… If you only apply the glitters without top coat, it lasts longer than applying glitters and top coat. It still lasts a few days which is not bad.

I couldn’t find the exact nail polish online, however, Leighton Denny Nail Polishes are around £12. Do I like it? I am not too fan of it. If you are looking for a glitter matte nail polish then give this a try, however, it is not really my cup of tea. I wish I had the same experience I had with the nail file…

Have you tried any Leighton Denny Glitter Nail Polish? What do you think about glittery nail polishes? Love it or hate it?

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