There are some products which do magic once you use it, however, you can’t really pin point what it does or how it does it. You just know that after using it that your makeup and skin will look absolutely flawless after using it. Well, MAC Fix+ is one of this products…

Product names can be deceiving, don’t you think so? For instance, if you see a product with Fix+ written on it, you would assume it would fix your makeup and prevent your makeup from melting down like any other setting/fixing spray. MAC Fix+ name might give an illusion that it will fix the makeup and it will prolong your makeup, but it is not what exactly it does (well this was the first thing I assumed when I gave it a try for the first time).

How to Use MAC Fix+

MAC Fix+ is a fixing spray, but how exactly can you use it and what exactly it does? You can actually use it for quite a few things (I discover more and more application while using it), like as a base before your primer! In summer, your skin might be on the oilier side so you would think applying good amount of powder will prevent it, but in the end your skin might look cakey and powdery. Just spray MAC Fix+ after you finish your makeup, then it will take all the powdery residues, melt it down and make your skin looks flawless and fresh. Who wouldn’t like flawless skin? Also, it will bring out the colours more. This is a must have for preventing that powdery look and this is how I used it most of the time until I discovered to use it before primer to lock the moisture and keep the skin hydrated, as MAC Prep+Prime Fix+ contains vitamins and minerals which can improve the skin condition. Again, it does something to just give a nice base for makeup, you can even skip primer when you want something more natural. In summer, when you want your skin to feel refreshed, I would recommend you to keep it in the fridge a bit, so the cold spray will help your skin looks fresher and awake.

It is perfect for mixing with the eyeshadows and it will increase the intensity of them, you can either spray it on your brush or on the eyeshadow, then be ready for the vibrant colour and still perfect eye makeup at the end of the day. Alternatively, you can use it with pigments as a bonding agent, so they fall out and they will look more pigmented. Next thing I will try is to mix it with a long lasting foundation like MAC Prolong Wear. I wonder if diluting the foundation will affect the longevity of the product.

If you want your makeup to stand out and be more vibrant then MAC Fix+ is what you need in your makeup routine. It will keep your skin flawless and makeup pop out, it won’t exactly improve the longevity of your makeup since it is a fixing spray (it will still keep the makeup still without messing up). However, with a setting spray like Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Spray, your makeup will be on the point and you won’t need to worry about till the end of the day.

Have you tried MAC Fix+ or anything similar before? If so, how do you use it and what are your thoughts about it?

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