Powders are great when we want to set the makeup and get some shine free finish. Especially during summer, when it gets really hot and makeup doesn’t last for so long, powders are great savers of the makeup. Don’t you think so? S0, let’s talk about powder…

I have a love&hate relationship with powders. When I find a good powder that I can rely on, I can use it without worrying. However, there are some that promise a lot, which ends up causing such cakey looking skin, then I really hate them. Does it happen to you too? When I choose a powder, I want it to last without having to add up more, because I don’t want to have that cakey looking skin. I had it before and when I look at old photos I wonder why I didn’t notice it by then, such a shame!

When it comes to powder I tend to stick to transparent/translucent powders instead of coloured ones, so that my foundation will still look the same, but also provides decent coverage, especially on my T-Zone. This is my biggest problem, because I have oily skin. I always go back to certain powders, which I believe are really good.

Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot

It is a mattifying translucent powder. It aims to control shine and give a flawless skin. When I use this product, my skin feels really soft and it definitely absorbs the oil and stops the shine. Just what I want from a powder. It doesn’t give any colour which means my foundation/blush will still look the same and all I will get is some coverage. It has a nice mirror and a puff. When you want to carry it in your bag but you don’t want extra stuff then this will do it.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

I like this powder, not only because it is really affordable, but also it is a good one. I have a Transparent colour, which just works fine on my skin. It is definitely a light product and when I apply it I can see how the shine disappears. It lasts for a while depending on the weather situation, I mean when it is really hot then the duration of lasting of course decreases.

I like both of these products and they are just really good at covering the shine with a nice finish. If I have to choose a favourite, it would be One Heck of a Blot, just because it is easier to carry around (as you can see, I cracked the lid of Rimmel straight away buying it) and it gives shine free face a little bit longer than Rimmel.

What is your favourite powder? Have you ever used Rimmel or Soap & Glory?

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