If you are having one of these casual weekends, there is nothing better than having an effortless hair. You don’t need to worry about having perfectly looking hair, instead just enjoy the weekend.

I have straight hair and it is hard to keep it all nice during hot humid summer weather, I hate it when my hair gets freeze. Don’t you just hate it too? Almost three years ago I received Lee Stafford Multifunctional Triple Waver as a gift, which I absolutely love and I’ve been using it a lot since then. It gives me really nice effortless waves. You can create three different waves with this. You can create a deep waves with a deeper part, light waves when you switch around the waver part and a really loose wave when you remove the top part, more like S wave.

I usually go for deep waves before during the day they just loosen up and I end up having light waves. Even tho it loosens up, I get a long lasting waves, which is kinda great for me as I have really fine hair and nothing lasts for long on it. I still have nice waves the next morning, great isn’t it?

In order to make it last a little longer, I always use some hairspray then I am ready to go. I like TRESemmé and I’ve been using their hairsprays for so long. For summer I use Fast Drying Long Lasting Hold, perfect choice. You can see my hairstyle on my Instagram

How do you prefer to have your hair during a casual weekend?

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