We all speak between us about all sorts of beauty products, but have you ever considered thinking about it from a man’s perspective? Apparently it is Chinese to most of them… So when you need some makeup products, can you rely on your partner?

Men vs Makeup – Who will win the battle?

A while ago I asked my partner to get me a concealer and he was like “con… what?” so he didn’t even know what concealer is. I gave him all the details (brand, name, shade), then he ignored the shade bit and just got the first one he saw. Then he said “Isn’t it just one shade?”. Maybe that gives you some idea how little my partner knows about makeup. For most men the term makeup means just one word and that’s pretty much it. How about primers, eye shadows…?


Primers, foundations, concealers, powders, bronzers, blushers, highlighters… I guess it is all right? However, non of these means anything to my partner. All he knows is powders. I mean can we really expect them to know all of them? Sometimes he asks me many questions like what’s this and that, but then he ends up forgetting. Typical men right?


Mascara is the only thing he can think of, at least it is still something. How about eye primer, eye shadows, eyeliners, eye pencils? We all spend so long time trying to achieve perfect eye look and when they look at it, is it really all they can see? How about the effort we put in?


To most men all lip products are lipsticksLip gloss, lip balm, lip liner… they are all lipsticks, because that’s how they see them. They give colour to lips, that’s all they care about I guess.

So this is how it is for me. He can pick up some products that I ask for, but he can’t really pick anything himself. Once he picked up some lipsticks for me, which you can read more about in my post L’Oréal Rouge Caresse Lipstick. Well, they are actually pretty nice.

Even though he doesn’t know much about it, he goes to the beauty shops alone to get me stuff when I ask him and that’s really nice of him. He must feel so silly alone in the makeup section…

Have you ever asked your boyfriend/partner/husband to pick up some makeup stuff? If so, tell me the story about it and how little or a lot they know about makeup products.

P.S. I think Makeup is clearly the winner!

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