Sun is shining, days are longer, colourful trees and flowers everywhere… Spring is finally here! Spring means new beginnings and fresh starts, so it is time to change the routines and implementing spring colours to your life! Pastel spring nail colours can be a good start, what do you think?

When I was a kid one part of me loved spring and one hated it. The reason I hated it was I had to go to school when the sun was shining, also how fun is studying when all you want is to enjoy the sun and play outside?  How did you feel about spring back then?

My love for spring is growing slowly. One thing I love is the longer days, isn’t it great that at the end of the busy day it is still light outside? With changing seasons, my beauty routine changes too. Bolder colours are out and lighter, spring feel like colours are in from brights to pastel. Now it is time for pastel spring nail colours! I have four picks to share with you, let’s get started!

essie limo-scene is a sheer pastel pink which would be perfect for french manicures or for the days you want to keep things minimal. You need 3 coats to get the perfect colour, unless you want to go for sheer look. It tends to go streaky(main issue with the sheer nail polishes) so you better be patient when you apply it.

Let’s carry on with the another classic essie colour… Fiji! Fiji is an opaque creamy pale pink. It is a really light white based pink and with tan, this colour looks beautiful. In order to get the opaque colour, you need at least 2 coats and have a steady hand. essie sheer formula is not the best as it gets streaky most of the time. Except from the formula, fiji is a beautiful everyday and effortless everyday colour.

Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Colour Care in 07 Sea is a pale minty green colour with pearlescent finish. At first I wasn’t sure about the colour but after the first application I fell for it. I’m sure this colour would also look good on sun kissed skin! With one coat you get a sheen green with pearly glow. Good thing about this colour is, it doesn’t get streaky, even with one coat. 2 coats is ideal for getting a nice finish, but if you want to get the colour showing then 3 would be the best.

Nails Inc Powered by Matcha Sweet Almond Nail Varnish in King William Walk is a last addition to my nail polish collection. King William Walk is warm pink shade, it is more on the peachy side. Perfect colour for spring&summer, isn’t it? I think this colour would flatter all skin tones. It has a thicker formula and with 1 coat, you get an amazing colour payoff. I usually apply 2 coats to make the nail polish last longer. After applying 2 coats, it lasted 4-5 days without chipping! After 5 days, it loses the shine a little bit (I didn’t use top coat, might be the reason why), I’m sure if you’re careful, this would last for 10 days and still look at its best! Ideal for lazy summer days, isn’t it?

pastel spring nail colours swatches of Nails Inc King William Walk, essie fiji and essie limo-scene. These colours are ideal for spring&summer!

These are my four pastel spring nail colours picks, 3 low maintenance and 1 warm pink, which would be ideal for any occasion from wedding to a casual day out. Even though I like to wear bolder colours, for spring, I prefer to keep things more on the pastel side and transition into summer with full power.

Which spring nail colours do you have in your spring selection? Do you wear bold colours or stick to the pastel colours?

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