Choosing the right foundation might not be easy. Even though there are so many foundations in the market, how many percent of them actually suits your needs? Nip + Fab foundation is a new addition to the market and it offers a lot! #Nofilter status is really promising, right?

When a skincare brand releases a foundation, I end up having high hopes. They are the skin experts so they know what they are dealing with, right? For instance, Vichy Dermablend foundation and powder are great! Now when I read Nip + Fab releasing makeup products, the first thing I wanted to try was Nip + Fab foundation.

Nip + Fab foundation has big claims from lightweight, non greasy, natural matte, a photoshopped effect complexion to a soft focus effect to blur imperfections. Sounds perfect right? Everything you would want from a good foundation.

Let’s start with the good bits… Nip + Fab foundation has a light liquid texture and gives light to medium coverage. You don’t need much to cover the whole face. I can’t say that it gives photoshopped effect complexion, but it gives soft focus. I have fair skin and 015 is a good match for it.

I’m not getting on with this Nip + Fab foundation, it might be just me but whenever I wear it, it gathers around my nose and under my eyes. Even though consistency is light, it just feels heavy on my skin after wearing it for a few hours. I tried it with a brush and beauty blender, then also used the brush first then the beauty blender, I don’t know what else to do to make it last  longer. I am not a primer person, but for the sake of testing the foundation, I used it over primer and it felt even heavier and didn’t last much longer.

Foundation clings to dry patches, so I have to make sure my skin is well scrubbed and hydrated before I can use this foundation. Even though you get soft blurred effect when you apply it, it sits on pores after a few hours! If you have visible pores with oily skin, then this foundation will not make you happy. After 2 hours I had to bloat my skin as it got really shiny. Then a few hours later it gathered around my nose and at the end of the day, there wasn’t much foundation left after keep bloating my face.

Except the consistency and the soft blur it gives after the application, I can’t think of anything good about this foundation. It is not for me! Everyone’s skin is different, all I could say is, this is not 100% oily skin friendly foundation. I think it is more suitable for normal skin. If you have oily skin and also tend to get dry patches, then I wouldn’t recommend this foundation.

Price-wise, it is £12.95 for 30 ml. It is not the cheapest, it is almost close to high end foundations. For 50 ml, it would be £21.60 which is quite expensive for drugstore-highstreet brand.

Have you tried any Nip + Fab makeup products? How about Nip + Fab foundation?

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