When we are in Autumn, sky might get gloomy however there’s one thin that doesn’t get gloomy… It is the beauty trends… Makeup, nails and even fashion. It is one of the seasons that your makeup gets all colourful so it is best to use this time better and maybe follow some autumn nail polish trends. If you want to spice get more colour to your life then, you should try the nail polish duos for autumn.

Beauty trends is probably one of the things that make these colder seasons better. Freezing weather might not be your best friend, however, there are quite a few things to love about autumn. Instead of feeling miserabke in autumn&winter, we should make the best of it. Changing the nail colour is one of the easiest ways of adding colours to your life. Which nail polish duos would you wear in autumn&winter?

Having a single nail polish colour might be a little bit boring, instead why don’t you wear more than one to make things a little bit more fun?

Nail Polish Duos for Autumn

Navy blue & Glitters

Navy blue is one of the trendy colours of this autumn. It is everywhere, on clothes, makeup and of course on nails. It can be classy and also with a few addition you get rid of the boring mono colour. Adding glittery top coat is one of the way of making navy blue nail polish to stand out more.

Purple & Nude

Is purple your colour? It is one of the colours that I can’t decide whether I love it or not. But did you know that purple and nude duo look good? Whether you pick a really crazy purple or something subtle, if you want to add another colour then nude is definitely a right choice. 4 nails purple and one nail nude, definitely try it.

Blood red & Black

Red and black has to be one of the best colour combinations, don’t you think so? You can wear all black and with a pop of red, everything would look different. If you are not sure about all black nails, then red will be your friend. Red is such a festive colour and wearing it with black will take it to another level.

Classic nude & Brown

Classic nude is another classy colour. Whether you hate it or you love it, nude is a must have nail polish colour! You can pick a few tones darker nude, olive green or any other brown tone you like to create nice nail polish duos. Choices are endless, there’s no colour that doesn’t look good with nude.

Chocolate brown & Navy Blue

How often do you wear chocolate brown nail polish? I can’t remember the last time I wore one. It might be a bit of a boring colour for some, however, you can spice things up a little bit. You can combine brown with navy to get that classic colour combination or even combine it with purple. Both ways look pretty good!

Metallic chrome & Glitter

Metallic colours might not be easy to pull off and you might thing they wash off your colour. If you are one of these people, then you should try to come up with nail polish duos to get rid of it. Metallic chromes and glitter duo is one of them. Also depending on the colour you choose, red is also a good pick. Silver&red looks pretty good, don’t you think so?

Berry & Nude

Of course we can’t forget the classic autumn colour. It looks good with many colours from glitters to nude. Best way to find out which one looks the best is to play around with the colours to come up with your perfect colour duo. Even using different shades of berry to create berry ombre nails is a great idea.

Safer might be the best option, however, it doesn’t have to be the only option. Using glitters, having different nail polish on every nail to create an ombre effect or just anything you could imagine… There are so many ways to make the beauty routine colourful, so what are you waiting for? If you are on the otherside of the world and already enjoying the warm spring days, then you should check out 2016 nail polish trends for brighter spring&summer nails.

Which colours have you been wearing lately? What’s your favourite nail polish duo to create colourful nails?

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