DIY is fun to do, it is all about practicing and enjoying what you do. For my wedding, thanks to Pinterest and all other inspirational ideas, I decided to make my own DIY flower crown for myself and for the guests. Once you get hold of it, everything get easier then you can easily get creative and come up with impressive designs. 

You don’t need many things to make these crowns, you can even make it with the flowers you already have in the vase from last week which you are planning to throw away. Once you use them, all you need to do is just spraying some golden/silver paint to get them polished. You can find what you need and how to do the DIY flower crown below. Even if you don’t have headband you can use simple wire to make headband shape or even use ribbons and wrap the flowers around it. So let’s get started…

DIY Flower Crown


  • Flowers (fresh or fake, however you want)
  • Greenery
  • Headband (if you can’t find it, you can use floral wire as well)
  • Floral tape
  • Wire cutter


  1. Decide on shape and how big you want your crown to be
  2. Arrange the flowers and greenery you want to use for your crown and cut them with wire cutter to get rid of excessive bits
  3. You can start with greenery or just flower of your choice, so decide your main feature then place it on the headband
  4. Once you decide where you want the flower/greenery, you will tape the stem to the headband with floral tape
  5. After fixing the first flower/greenery, then you can add rest one by one by fixing the stems with floral tape and creating your floral crown’s shape that you want
  6. Once you are happy with the shape, wrap the leftover tape to the headband to fix it properly

It is all about your imagination and how big or small you want your DIY flower crown to be. It is fun to do it and with a little bit practice it doesn’t take much time. You can make it for the weddings, birthday parties or even just for yourself, people will love it!

Do you like DIY stuff? Have you made DIY flower crown or get it done for any occasion?

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