Lip products are one of the makeup bits we can’t get enough. There are different shades for every season and most of us probably like to add them to the makeup collection, even though there are similar ones. However, there is always some space for new ones like these Rimmel products…

I mostly go for lip sticks instead of liquid lip products, let’s say it is because of the previous bad experiences. Sometimes I buy glosses just because they look pretty then end up giving them away without even using them.

Rimmel is one of the drugstore brands that I really like. So I wanted to talk about some of the lip glosses/lacquers, I use and like. Let’s go chronologically…

Rimmel London Apocalips

Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer

Apocoliptic is a really bright pink fuchsia mix shade. Even though it might not be so ideal for autumn, I still wear it when I want bright lips. It goes on so smoothly and it doesn’t get sticky, good isn’t it? Also the pigmentation is really great, with just one swipe you get perfect amount of colour on your lips. Is it a long lasting product? Well it changes depending on what you do. I mean if you keep eating/drinking and biting your lips of course it is not going to last for so long. In general, however, it stays on for some hours, at least then you’re all fine for awhile. One last thing, if you don’t like scented lip products then you wouldn’t like that one…

Rimmel Provocalips Lip Colour

Kiss Me You Fool is a really bright red shade. I don’t really go for bright reds as I don’t think they suit me, however, that shade is really pretty. I guess the first time I saw this shade was on Lily Pebbles’s Vlog and she was complaining about it being impossible to remove. Then I purchased it straight away. Really long lasting product was something I wasn’t going to miss! She’s definitely right. All you do first is to apply the lip colour, then use the coating, let it settle and you achieve non sticky smudge free matte lips. One thing I don’t like about it is that after hours of wearing it my lips tend to get dry, then all I do is either reapplying the top coat or applying some lip balm then it gets better. It is really ideal for a night out, so you don’t need to carry around lipsticks.

Rimmel Oh My Gloss Lip Gloss

Rebel Red is really lovely red, depending on how much you apply you might have different tones of red. I mostly apply a little to get some shine on my lips. I guess this is one of the lip products that I’ve used quite a lot. It is really light and it doesn’t get sticky (a big plus for me-especially in summer). After I use this one, my lips are always really soft and have a silky feeling! Like any other lip gloss, it is not really long lasting but it is still good!

Rimmel Provocalips

Have you tried any of these? What are your favourites from Rimmel?

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