Don’t we all want well groomed fleeky brows? Is is so hard to achieve? Some years ago brows wasn’t a thing, however, now well defined brows are the trend. It is way better than 1920s the needle thin brows or 1990s less is more trend, do you want that trends back? It is best to stick to these well defined fleeky brows which frame the face. How do you perfect your brows? With 5 steps to perfect brows, it is not that hard to get nice looking brows. 

Everyone has their own way of achieving the perfect brows, however, there are some tips and tricks that might actually change your routine. Do you know the eyelash base coat trick? Let’s be honest, how often do you use base before mascaras… Ain’t nobody got time for that right? There must be another ways of using it rather than getting it wasted. If you want to know, keep reading…

5 Steps to Perfect Brows

Shape It

It is one of the steps that some of us seem to underestimate. Brow shape plays more important role than having fuller brows. Someone might have naturally full brows, but if she picked the wrong brow shape, then it won’t look flattering. Am I wrong? You can find the posts or videos of how to get the perfect brow shape. Even if you don’t want to change your brow shape, you should try it out. When your brows are in shape, even if you skip some of these steps, it is more likely that they will still look good.

Brush It

How often do you brush your brows before filling them in? To be honest, it is one of the steps I tend to skip most of the time, but I know I shouldn’t. When you brush your brows, you put it in shape and it gets easier to define the shape and fill in. Even before plucking the brows, it is best to brush to see all the extra hair that needs to be plucked.

5 Steps to perfect brows

Fill It

It is the step that makes the all difference. It is important to pick the right shade for your brow products. Picking too dark will not make your brows look fuller. When I have time, I define the the brows with a brow pencil, Soap & Glory Archery. Then fill in the brow with NYX Tame & Frame brow pomade. You should try hair like strokes with a thin brush, it gives the most natural finish. Whether you want some colour on your brows or want to show off, it is all in your hands.

Define It

When you fill in your brows, in order to make them look even more defined, you should use concealer to define the lines. It is an extra step and you might now have time for this, however, it is all worth it. When I am in hurry, I use liquid concealer to draw line around my brows then blend it with a damp beauty blender. When you conceal around the brows, it hides the imperfections and make your lashes look on spot.

Set It

Now comes the tricky bit. You might be trusting your trusty eyebrow setting gel, but have you ever used eyelash base coat to set your brows? It will make you ditch your trusty eyebrow setting gel. Years ago, when I didn’t know brow gel as a thing, sometimes I was using my mascara to set my eyebrows, I hope I am not the only one. Out of interest, I tried the eyelash base coat to see how it feels on the brows and omg… Non of the setting gels set my brows that well. You can just do everything with it, you can get your brows messy or just perfectly drawn. Eyelash base coat will make your brows just stay the way you want it. Even Nikkie Tutorials tried that eyelash base coat trick, what are you waiting for? The only down side is, depending on your brow colour, your brows might get whitish. If it happens, all you need is the brow setting gel to get rid of these bits.

5 Steps to perfect brows

These are my 5 steps to perfect brows routine. All I could say is, if you didn’t try the last step, you should definitely give it a go. Even though you might not have the thickest brows, by just shaping and filling it, you can get it the way you want it.

How’s your brow routine? If you would create a 5 steps to perfect brows routine, which steps would it have? Which brow trend do you like the most?

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