Talking about perfumes is not the easiest. It is always easier to describe the colour of a lipstick than trying to explain the scent of a perfume. Scent depends on many things and one smell can vary on different skins. Skin condition, diet, body temperature… Many factors affect the way perfumes smell, so just make sure to try the scent on your skin before splurging on it. Even though it is not easy to describe a perfume, I’ll do my best to talk about the latest addition to my perfume stash… Rosie For Autograph Rose Gold which is a limited edition perfume, so it might be hard to get hold of… If you miss it, you might regret it!

Even though I have my staples scents like La Vie Est Belle, I like discovering and trying new scents. I have quite a few perfumes in my perfume stash which I try to use all in a rotation. I change my perfumes depending on the season, however, I’m up for the perfumes which I can be worn any season. There are a few perfumes I like wearing every season and now I have another one added to the list.

Rosie For Autograph Rose Gold is the latest perfume which I haven’t stopped wearing this since I got it a month ago. I wonder why I haven’t tried it before! It is different than other perfumes I own and I like the uniqueness of it. The worrying bit is, it is a limited edition and it is almost impossible to get hold of. I think M&S should really consider making it a permanent perfume.

M&S website describes Rosie For Autograph Rose Gold as “Rose Gold evokes a cosy evening spent by the fire on a starry night. Elegant, airy bergamot and soft spices are wrapped in smooth, floral bouquet notes of dewy rose and refreshing freesia, resting on a creamy bed of warm vanilla, musk and amber notes”. It is cosy, it is elegant and it smells good!

Let’s talk about the smell… When I first sprayed it, I wasn’t sure about it, however, once it set on my skin I was completely addicted to it. It is just beautiful. This might sound weird but I couldn’t stop smelling my wrist! It is feminine, floral, light and a little sexy yet really elegant. It feels like walking in the flower garden, freshness makes you fall for the perfume. If you don’t like heavy classic scents and more into the floral scents then this can be for you. The mixture of floral and warm notes makes the perfume stand out. The good thing about this perfume is since it is not overpowering, it is ideal for any time of the day. It is perfect during the day and it can also be worn during the evening. Spicy notes make the transition from day to night easier.

How long lasting is it? It is not the most long lasting perfume I’ve ever tried, however, you could still smell the subtle notes after 3-4 hours. It is not as intense and I can’t tell whether anyone else could smell it, so it might be worth re-applying the perfume to get more intensity.

Also, can we please appreciate how beautiful the rose gold bottle looks? It just looks elegant. Also, I love the rose embroidery on the lid, which makes the packaging even more prettier. I know you shouldn’t be falling for the packaging, but I’ll admit, that’s almost impossible to resist! Rosie For Autograph Rose Gold is the limited edition fragrance to celebrate five years of Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s collaboration with Marks and Spencers and they should change their mind about making this a limited edition fragrance.

Rosie For Autograph Rose Gold is £28 for 75 ml, however, at the moment it is out of stock on M&S website. I think it is worth checking your local M&S and giving this a try if you’d find it. It’s definitely bargaining and it is the perfect scent for the transition season. Apart from it not lasting as long as I’d like it to last, I can’t find any fault. It is my go-to, favourite scent at the moment. It smells divine and that’s all that matters and I don’t mind refreshing my perfume every now and then anyway.

Coco Chanel said A perfume is something which is invisible and yet an unforgettable accessory… So choose wisely!

Have you tried Rosie For Autograph Rose Gold? What is your favourite scent at the moment? What kind of scents do you prefer?

*Gifted, however, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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