I have never been a stick foundation person, I found them really heavy and not really suitable for oily skin. I can’t even remember when was the last time I purchased one until Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick. I’ll admit that I purchased it because of the hype it received over the social media. Also, for £5 you couldn’t possibly go wrong, right?

When you have oily/combination skin, you need to think twice before buying a foundation. Even though there are so many foundations that claim to be for oily skin, most of the time that’s not the case. With Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick, I was ready for the worst-case scenario. Luckily, it wasn’t the case!

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick is the new release of Makeup Revolution and the full range has 18 shades which are really impressive for a drugstore brand. Also, it will be easier to find your perfect shade, or just buy and mix to create your perfect shade. Good thing is, these stick foundations are easy to mix. Also, could we please appreciate the pretty packaging? It’s a beautiful nude pink with rose gold details, it is picture perfect!Let’s just get to the topic and talk about the formula and the application of the foundation…

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick Review - Creamy, high coverage foundation with dewy finish!

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick

Formula and Application

These stick foundations are as smooth as the butter. They apply smoothly on to the skin, don’t get patchy and also they blend easily! I tried applying it with the brush as well as the beauty blender and I could say blending is best done with a brush. You can always go over it with the sponge, however, better start with the brush first. One thing to be careful is don’t apply too much, you only need a few swipes to have your first base. Creamy formula makes it a little hard to get the right amount to use, at least for the first couple of use. It is also good for contouring too! I opted for F13 for the contouring shade and the result was better than expected.


Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick is labelled as a fresh, dewy finish and that’s exactly how it is. It gives such a beautiful smooth flawless finish and healthy sheen to the skin. Even though I’m a matte person, I really like the dewy finish this foundation gives. My skin looks glowy without looking like a shine ball. It has medium to high coverage and it is easily buildable. If you are looking for a high coverage base, go for it. Even though it is a full coverage foundation, it still feels lightweight on the skin which is a dream! It also doesn’t settle into the fine lines, at the end of the day you might notice creasing, but it is completely normal! Another thing to add is, it doesn’t oxidise, at least not on my oily skin.

Wear Time

I have oily skin and I feel lucky if a foundation lasts a few hours without turning me into a shine ball. Since it has fresh, dewy finish, I wasn’t expecting it to last a whole day. After applying the foundation, I always set up my makeup with powder. It helps my makeup to last longer. After 1-2 hours my skin still looked nice and semi-matte, however, after 3-4 hours it started to get oily around T-zone (which was the expected scenario). I had to touch up with powder on my t-zone one or twice through the day. Powdering fixes everything with this foundation, it doesn’t look cakey or cling to the fine lines. There’s a little bit of creasing around the eye area after 6-7 hours, but it wasn’t too much.  If you have a normal/dry skin, I think you would easily get a full days wear.

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick Swatches - F3 and F13

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick Swatches- F3 and F13

Is it Worth Trying?

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick is £5 for a little over 6 ml. They are super pigmented, creamy and blends easily, so this foundation is definitely worth the money! It has a really good shade range. It is suitable for dry and oily skin, it is hard to find a foundation that both skin types can use. I think people with dry skin will love the foundation and it will be a hit or miss for the oily skins. Also, It might be a little heavy for oily skin during warmer months. If you have oily skin and want your foundation to last, I would recommend you to set it up with a setting powder.  You can easily achieve the flawless base with the Fast Base foundation with the Conceal & Define concealer, which would cost you only £9. If you haven’t tried them yet, definitely add them to your wishlist.

Have you tried Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick? What do you think about stick foundations, yay or nay? If you tried it, don’t you think that Makeup Revolution absolutely smashing it recently? At first the concealer and now the stick foundation!

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