Tis is the Season… If you are not gonna be wearing the festive scents now then when will you wear it? Autumn and Winter times mean warm and cosy scents! When all the Christmas lights are on, the cold breeze is making you shimmer, you need something in your life to give you the warmth and I think Shay & Blue Black Tulip Natural Spray Fragrance might help you with that.

Shay & Blue Black Tulip Natural Spray Fragrance is the fourth product of M&S Advent Calendar and once again M&S doesn’t disappoint! Shay & Blue fragrances are one of my favourite products of M&S Advent Calendars. in 2016, it was Atropa Belladonna, last year there was Blood Oranges and now the Black Tulip. Out of those 3, Black Tulip is my ultimate favourite!

Shay & Blue Black Tulip is a statement fragrance evolves with floral freshness of snowdrops and cyclamen, the richness of black tulip and plum and ending with the warmth of white chocolate and softwoods impression. How can I describe this perfume… It is creamy, floral and spicy… You might think this is an odd mix, trust m it works.

Shay & Blue Black Tulip Natural Spray Fragrance Notes

  • Top Note – Snowdrops and cyclamen bring instant floral freshness.
  • Heart Note – Black tulip and plum bring a rounded richness to the heart of the composition.
  • Base Note – White chocolate and soft woods for a smooth finish.

You really smell that base chocolaty note! This is one of the perfumes that you could actually smell the distinction of the note. As each note wears off, the perfume changes and the base note gives you the warmth! Can you describe a perfume as “sexy and sophisticated”? Well if you could then this would definitely be on that sexy and sophisticated list! It is floral, fruity, spicy and warm!

You only need a few sprays of this rich, long-lasting Eau De Parfum concentration. By the time it faded on my skin, it was the next morning and I could still smell really faded chocolaty scent. I think it has to be the most long lasting perfume I’ve ever used. The first time I wear it, I sprayed more than I should and it was a little overwhelming and now all I do is one spray on each side of my neck and arms then I’m ready to go.

I think Shay & Blue Black Tulip Natural Spray Fragrance is ideal for colder months. It would be too overwhelming for warmer months. If you are looking for an autumn/winter scent then you better check this out.

Shay & Blue Black Tulip Natural Spray Fragrance is £55 for 100 ml. You could also get 10 ml for £16 on Asos. 10 ml Eau De Parfum is the perfect size to carry in your bag. Would I recommend it? I would highly recommend it! Wear time is amazing and it fades slowly leaving such beautiful warm, chocolaty scent on your skin. I know it is a little on the expensive side, however, it deserves that price tag. I’ve used many fragrances and I’d say it is one of the top ones! I’ve added it to my wishlist and when I run out of the small size, I will surely get the full-size! If you want to feel sexy and confident at the same time, then add this to your perfume collection, you won’t regret! Also, if you buy just one perfume from Shay & Blue… Check out this one!

Have you tried Shay & Blue Black Tulip or any other Shay & Blue Fragrances? What’s your favourite festive/winter fragrance?

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