Even though hand creams are staple of many of us, one of the body part we neglect more is the hands. It feels like we don’t have that extra a few minutes to apply products to keep our hands soft… Like baby skin soft! Can Bee Lovely Hand Cream make your hands as soft as baby skin? 

This year’s M&S Beauty&Makeup Advent Calendar must be the best. There are so many great deluxe samples as well as some full size products in it. Since we are in December now, I thought I’d review the products in it.

When you open the first door, you get 50 ml Bee Lovely Hand Cream (50 ml – £10). This size is ideal for carrying in the bag and also for trying out a different hand cream. It is described as “Moisturising organic honey is blended with energising orange essential oil to nourish the skin and lift the spirits“. To me it smells more like tangerine, rather than the orange&honey. Smell is not so overwhelming, however, if you prefer unscented products then you probably won’t like it. At least there’s no synthetic fragrances, but all organic.

This is a creamy and quite think cream. You only need a pea size to cover your hands. It takes a while to sink in so when you’re in a rush, you might want to apply lighter hand creams. Once it sinks in properly, hands feel so soft and you can feel that there’s a protective layer.

Let’s carry on with the not so good part… Benefits aren’t long lasting. If you wash your hands then you will feel that the effects are fading so it is best to reapply. There are some creams that can protect your hands even after washing them. Unfortunately this is not one of them. In order to get the full benefits of the cream, you should reapply every a few hours.

There are so many hand creams in the market, some cheaper and some higher than this. When it runs out, it wouldn’t be the first product that I would repurchase. I like the smell and the softness it gives, however, I don’t like the feel of cream layer and fact that the effects don’t last for hours put me off.

What’s your favourite hand cream? What are you looking from a good hand cream? Have you tried Bee Lovely Hand Cream?

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