We all aim to find the best makeup product, which will give us the best makeup look without spending so much time on perfecting it. There are so many products that assure they would give flawless skin with one coat or lipsticks that don’t need reapplying. This list goes on and on, and yet another product is added to this list, Rimmel London Super Curler 24HR Mascara

Rimmel has been one of my favourite drugstore brands, because they have many high quality products, which I repurchased all the time. Rimmel London Super Curler 24HR Mascara is a new addition to my Rimmel London family and it claims to do a lot. However, after being disappointed with Rimmel London ScandalEyes Xxtreme Mascara I wasn’t really sure about purchasing it. Their slogan “…Volumising mascara with built-in lash curler power…” is really promising, isn’t it? In the end, I just couldn’t stop myself since using lash curler early in the morning is a bit of a pain for me (straight lash problem!).

First thing I’ve noticed about Rimmel London Super Curler 24HR Mascara is how light this mascara is, it doesn’t weigh my lashes at all. Also, it doesn’t get my lashes so dry. Therefore, after applying it, my lashes still feel soft (it is great). With only one coat, you can get natural looking lashes, so don’t expect that volumised lashes and the more you apply you can achieve that dramatic look. Now comes the “built-in curler power”… The question is, does it live up to what it claims? I must say it does! Even my straight lashes look curled after one coat, and then with second coat it looks more defined and looks like I used lash curler. I am not sure about 24 hours, as I’ve only worn it for max 12-15 hours and my lashes still looked good after that long time. Therefore, I’ve been using it almost every day since I purchased it and everything is easier in the mornings.

I am not a big fan of bristle wands, I think plastic ones are better, so I thought this would be one of the downside of this product, but this curved bristle wand gives the curls. It is really easy to apply and using the inside of the curved wand gives the curls.Since I don’t have bottom lashes, it is kinda hard to apply it there without making such a mess, however, overall I am really happy with the wand.

I think this mascara is definitely a winner! I like the curler power and it makes things really easy and quick. Have you tried this mascara before?

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