We are closer to the beginning of Autumn than the beginning of Summer, soon all the dramatic Autumn makeups will be out. If you still haven’t tried some of the summer trends than you better do it before it is too late. You can try some of the summer lipstick colours, they are so much fun to wear. 

Changing the lip colour is way easier than trying some extreme makeup trends like glossy eye makeup or maybe blue mascara. You don’t need to leave your comfort zone, unless you go for neon or black. I’ve been wearing pinks a lot this summer, it is one of my favourite summer lipstick colours.

Bright lips are one of the hits of this season, so it is time to go all wild with the lips. If you are into barbiesh pinks then you should check out MAC Chatterbox. It has soft creamy finish, since it is kinda light pink, it would suit best to light to medium skin the best. Chatterbox will brighten up the makeup straight away like the morning sun, just make sure that your lips aren’t dry! Let’s carry on with the pinks… If you like coral pinks, maybe NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Ibiza might be your favourite pink. Even with the minimal makeup, it looks good. Rimmel Apocalips in Apocoliptic is bright pinkish fuchsia, it is perfect for summer. It looks beautiful on every skin tone. You can even combine the fuchsia lipstick with orange, this duo rocks!

If you want to keep things low and want my lips but better than you should check out MAC Brave. It is perfect everyday colour, I can say this colour is one of the timeless colours. As you might already know, as well as glossy eyes, glossy lips are hit too. You can wear it by itself or just wear your favourite lipstick and gloss it up with the glosses. Smashbox Be Legendary lip glosses will give shine and the colour you want.

These are my summer lipstick colours, they are not extreme and also easy to wear. I think I’ve had enough time with the pinks, looking forward to berry/burgundy lips!

What are your favourite summer lipstick colours? Which lipsticks have you been wearing a lot lately? Are you looking forward to dramatic Autumn makeup?

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