I might not be the one to follow the fashion trends, however, when it comes to makeup then count me in! If I’m checking the fashion week related articles, the main reason is to find out the upcoming makeup trends. Don’t you think fashion weeks are great for finding our the trends? Do you have any fashion week inspired makeup trends for Spring 2017?

You can use makeup to express yourself. You don’t need to listen anyone when you’re in that creative phase and just be proud of what you come up with. When you want to stand out, then just do something fancy or crazy with your makeup which will make it special and unique. I think that’s the way all these makeup artists think in the fashion shows. They just want to create something that most of us wouldn’t dare to do, so it can give us confidence to try something different. Makeup trends for Spring 2017 has some similarities with the last year. Colourful, glowing and shiny!

Makeup Trends for Spring 2017

Get Glowing

It looks like we can’t get enough of highlighted glowing skin… Glow that can be seen from the moon! Some makeup artists think “The shinier and glowier the skin, the better it is”. The highlighted glowing skin trend is here to stay. Highlighters aren’t only way to get the glow, you can get fresh and glowing skin by tweaking your skincare routine as well. Champagne to metallic, there are so many alternatives which appeared on the fashion week. To get more intensified look, using the fixing mist on the highlighted areas will get the skin even more glowing. If it is one of your favourite trends then you get the glow going. If you aren’t into the highlights then it might be the time to give highlighted skin a go.

Makeup trends change a lot and one of the main influencers is the fashion week. To find out more about the fashion week inspired makeup trends for spring 2017 check out the post.

Glitters Everywhere

Every girl has an experience with glitters. It all starts with glittery glues when we’re kids then some carries on to the makeup or some just hates the name of it. Which one are you? Glitters aren’t only on the nails or on the eyes, but also on the lips! In many fashion shows chunky glitters were applied on the lips and even some of them on the eyebrows, are you up for it? I’m up for the nails one, but I don’t think I’d be up for lips or eyebrows!

80’s are back

I was just a little kid in at the end of 80’s so I couldn’t get to try the colourful 80’s makeup. Do I want to try it now? I don’t think so! I’m not that into so colourful makeup. If you’re from 80’s and loved the trend back then, there you go girl, 80’s are back. Colourful and metallic eyes to bright lips, everything you can expect from 80’s. Pop of colour can be your thing, just think about the colourful spring and go all in. What do you say to forest green eyes to bright orange lips?

No-Makeup Makeup – Radiant Skin

No-makeup look has been hit for quite a long time now and it is still one of the trends that showed up a lot on the fashion shows. The main focus on the no-makeup look is to have radiant and flawless skin. In order to achieve that of course a good skincare routine is the first essential step. You can either go for a low coverage foundation to get some colour or use medium to high coverage foundation to achieve flawless skin. When you get the radiant flawless skin then you can keep the rest relatively minimal.

Give Red a try

Can you ever get bored of classic red lips? Well it is not only the lips this time, you can expect to see it on  the cheeks and eyes, the only limit is your imagination. If you are not up for those two things, at least you get an excuse to put on your red lipstick! Red never gets out of the trend, so why don’t you add some to your makeup stash?

Bold Lips

When you think about the bold lips, which season do you think of? Is it autumn or winter? Well this spring and summer, don’t be surprised to see some bold lips from vampy berries to blues. It is not only the matte  bold lips, bold lips which are pumped up with gloss to get them even more catchy. If you are not up for the bold lips then how about bright orangey lips to shine just like a diamond?

Pink&Blush All Over Again

Are you a fan of pink and peachy look? You might be seeing so many pink, peach and blush fashion pieces everywhere, it is not only the fashion which focuses on these colours but also the beauty companies as well. These colours just scream spring, so why don’t you show them a little bit of love? Even if you’re not comfortable wearing it on your eyes, how about colouring your cheeks with your favourite shade of pink! Try your favourite pink lipsticks on your cheeks, if you don’t have any pink blush!

Keep it Simple

Keeping it simple, it sounds good, doesn’t it? You don’t need to go all in, apply some nude nail polish to keep them minimal, have the no-makeup look and even keep the hair messy, no one will judge you for having bed hair! Beauty isn’t what it used to be before. There are no rules and no limitations, so there’s no point to try to get everything perfect. It is acceptable to have some messy house look as well. Would you dare to go out like that?

These are some of the beauty trends that took my attention. Main focus this year is to get fresh and glossy skin, as well as going back to 80’s. There are a few that I will be following, but 80’s is not one of them!

What do you think about makeup trends for Spring 2017? Which ones are you most willing to try?

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