Blue is one of the trend colour of this season. Dark or light it is one of the shades that some of us like and some of us hate and nail essence nauti girl won’t be an exception. I don’t like to go for dark shades like blues, greens and blacks on nails, because I just don’t think they suit me and I find most of them out of my comfort zone. Even though I might not wear them, I find them looking so pretty.

My Nail Essence Nauti Girl Review

Recently, I kept seeing blue nails everywhere. Apparently, it is one of the seasonal shades, so I thought for a change I should give it a try too. I didn’t want to spend so much on a blue nail polish and ended up not liking it so I picked up one from essence. Nail essence nauti girl came out last season, however, I just didn’t try any nail polish from this range. 01 ahoy, boy is like navy blue (maybe slightly lighter than midnight blue), which I think is a dark blue that looks great. The formula of this nail polish is really pigmented and thick, so after one coat you don’t really need to apply the second coat (in the photo I only wore one coat – I am pretty impressed) and you don’t see brush strokes after one coat! I didn’t have any chipping problem after wearing it couple of days, which is also good. Sometimes, I am just too lazy to remove my nail polishes.

Essence Nauti Girl ahoy, boy

I actually like wearing blue nails now (I prefer dark blue tho), I think everyone should wear blue at least once. What do you think about blue nails? Is it hit or miss? Have you ever tried nail essence nauti girl? Is there any blue or green nail polishes that you would recommend?

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