Are you a fan of stripes? If the answer is yes then you will be happy to know that stripes are still hit this year. “Stripes are the equivalent to what a white t-shirt used to be back in the day” says one of the fashion directors, so it is still a big thing. If you don’t have any breton stripes in your wardrobe, it is time to add some and start to style breton stripes with matching makeup.

I’m a big fan of stripes and it is one of the patterns that I will never get tired of wearing even when it is not trendy. One of the things I enjoy doing it matching nail polish and lipsticks, well let’s just say picking colours that are opposite but completes each other.

White&navy breton stripes are my favourite, it gives nautical vibes and you can dress it up or down. They are perfect for elevating everyday outfits. When it comes to stripes, I always relate them with some nail&lip combos, are you the same? I have two favourites, well maybe three.

Lip & Nail Combos to Style Breton Stripes

Red & Blue

Red lips & blue/navy nails is always a winner combo. I’m not really a blue nail polish person but once in a while when I want something different, I end up leaving my comfort zone. essie Midnight Cami is a beautiful shimmering, deep twilight blue which looks good with navy stripes. Even if you want casual and minimal look, this would give you what you ask for. With red lips, you can always keep the rest of the face minimal, just a mascara, foundation and blusher would do the job.

Red & Nude

If you’re not up for something risky then red/berry nails & nude lipstick is a combo that would win your heart. Bold ruby red nails would brighten up the whole look and a nude lippie can add some colour to your makeup. As you know, it is good to go for opposite colours to make the look more interesting.

How would you style Breton Stripes? Would you have a matching makeup trend or you would just keep everything minimal and casual? essie midnight cami and essie thigh high would be perfect nail polishes to pair with stripes.

Pale Pink & Nude

If you want to keep things minimal then there’s nothing better than having nude & pale pink paired together. It gives some colour without showing off too much. Also if the nails are mess then no one would be able to notice it, so it is perfect for the lazy weekends.

I usually wear stripes for casual outfit and a relaxed day so I don’t need to do much with my makeup. These are the nail&lip combos that I usually pair the stripes. Ok, I might be a little boring, but never change the winning team, right?

Are you fan of stripes? Do you arrange your makeup according to what you wear? How would you style breton stripes? Do you follow fashion trends? If so, which trends are you looking forward to try out?

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