Don’t you like to go for stronger scents for a/w? Autumn scents are all about crispy edgy notes for me. I want something that would be so comforting, but would smell warm and festive. I like changing my perfume depending on the season. In Spring and Summer I go for floral, fresh scents, however, in Autumn and Winter, woody oriental scents are what I love the most and Hugo Boss Orange is one of them…

Hugo Boss Orange came out years ago and it is still one of the scents I use during colder months. This perfume has oriental woody scent, it is just easy to wear and it suitable for day or evening. When I wear it, I can smell the sweet spicy notes straight away. It is not like candy sweet, but really warm and citrusy. I also like the mix of apple and vanilla scents and this one is really good in terms of that. Some say it is not long lasting, but I think it lasts for a reasonable time. I mostly wear it in a/w, so a few sprays would last for hours (in summer it doesn’t last as long as it does in winter like most of the other perfumes). I also adore the packaging, it is catchy and it looks so elegant. If you’d like to read about perfumes I use, please have a look at my post Perfumes.

Do you change your perfume depending on the season? Which perfume are you loving at the moment?

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