If there’s one thing you have to skip with your routine, what would it be? Would it be the moisturiser or primer? Primers can help the skin look smoother and perfect, but can all the primers give that feeling? Can PUR Correcting Primer Prep&Perfect transform your skin and makeup?
If there’s one thing I have to skip with makeup, it would be applying primer. 90% of the time I skip it anyway… One of the main reasons is that I haven’t found that holy grail primer for my oily skin yet. Also, some of them feel so heavy on the skin so I am better off. Also sometimes using multipurpose products help me skip the primers.

PUR Correcting primer claims(at least on M&S site) to be oil and silicone free. I don’t know why they claim to silicone free as the second ingredient is a silicone polymer (dimethicone crosspolymer) also there’s hydrated silica as well.

It has a light and non-greasy formula. When you put it on the skin and let it sink in, you don’t feel anything. It is like weightless. As primers should so, skin looks blurred out and softer. Makeup goes on smoothly. One thing I like about it is, shine is minimised throughout the day. It didn’t dramatically affect the longevity of my makeup, but it stayed with minimal shine for a little bit longer. It might be due to my oily skin, having extra time with minimal shine is still good for me.

PUR Correcting primer is £24 for 30 ml. There are 4 different primers which focus on different needs of the skin, like dry and red skin, dark spots and this one for normal skin. If you are looking for silicone-free primers then this won’t be for you. I like Smashbox Photo Finish primer better and it is only £2 more expensive than this.

Have you tried PUR Correcting primer before? What’s your favourite primer that you swear by? Do you apply primer all the time or it is a step you could skip?

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