I like the good cause behind Look Good Feel Better… I’m keen on supporting any organisation that is trying to make a difference. We only have one world and we should be all supportive, don’t you think so? I’ve tried a few brushes from Look Good Feel Better, however, never tried a sponge until now, so… Look Good Feel Better Sculpting Sponge was like a new shiny toy!

This year M&S decided to have different products for the 11th day of the advent calendar. You either get Look Good Feel Better Sculpting Sponge or Ultrasun Ultralip balm. I was one to get Look Good Feel Better Sculpting Sponge and I was happy about it. I already have so many lip balms and I don’t need more, a good makeup sponge is always welcomed.

Last year’s M&S Advent Calendar had Look Good Feel Better Mini Powder Brush, which is a good one, so I was expecting a good performance from the sponge. Well… it is a really good sponge! I tried cheap Primark ones and the most expensive one like Beauty Blender… I haven’t had much of a luck with the cheap ones, most of them were too dense and it made the application harder. This sponge is just right, not too soft or not to hard!

I use the pointy edge for applying my foundation and concealer and the sharp edge for the liquid highlighters. It gives flawless, streak-free finish. You just need to make sure to get rid of the excess water, otherwise, it might soak up most of the product. One of the things I like about this sponge is easiness of cleaning it! I find dense sponges really hard to clean.

Look Good Feel Better Sculpting Sponge is really affordable, it is only £7.50. You can get it even around £5 range! I stocked up my beloved Beauty Blender during the sales and it was still more expensive than this sponge. Beauty Blender is still my favourite, however, for the lower price range, this one is good and I’d highly recommend it!

Do you use a sponge to apply your makeup? Have you tried anything from Look Good and Feel Better?

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