Have you ever thought how hard it is to pick a foundation nowadays? I mean think about like 10-15 years ago and now… Don’t you think that a lot has changed since then? There are so many brands and so many different products that promise so many things.. However, how do you decide which foundation to pick?

Before internet came into my life or let’s say blogs, I always got my foundations depending on what I read in magazines or I just picked what seemed promising. There were some disappointing products and some were good, you never knew what might get until you actually gave it a try. Also, there weren’t so many brands when I was a teenager and even the “not high-end” ones were pretty expensive. Unlucky me…

I have some questions about foundation, let’s start with the first one!

How do you pick your foundation shade? 

This is something I’ve been struggling with all the time. I even got some foundations with colour match and at that moment they looked good, then later on they either looked too dark or too light. Don’t you hate it when it happens? When you pick your foundation in summer then it might be too dark in winter or if you pick in winter it might be too light for later on… It’s just a struggle isn’t it? Sometimes I mix the foundations just to get the right shade, however, then I don’t get the full efficiency of the foundation, because of different consistencies. Also, I don’t tend to buy two different shades of the same foundation, because I like to try new ones. So do you think there’s a right season to pick a foundation or do you just need to change the foundation depending on the season?

How to choose foundation

What are your high-end and budget foundations? 

When there are so many brands, it must be really hard to pick one, however, it also depends on the budget. When I was a student (been student for so long-around 20 years… crazy!) I always looked for a budget but a good one, luckily there are many option on budget scale too. I think L’Oréal, Max Factor, Bourjois, Rimmel, Maybelline and No7 have some great foundations for every skin type and budget. Max Factor Face Finity, L’Oréal True Match and No7 Stay Perfect are my favourites on budget foundations. They are good at giving really nice finish, my skin looks flawless after applying any of these! When it comes to high-end, I haven’t tried many products, but the ones I’ve used are NARS Sheer Glow, which I absolutely love, and MAC Pro Longwear, which is perfect for oily skin! What I believe is you could actually find some great products without paying so much money, however, when you want one then you should go for it!

I don’t have any favourite undertone for foundation. Sometimes I wear yellow undertone and sometimes pink undertone one, it just depends on the look I am going for. Which undertone do you go for?

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