You might spend your week days with minimal makeup and you try hard not to take so much attention, but the weekend is here, so do you have any excuse for not going outside your comfort zone and do the things you can’t do at other times. This weekend might be a perfect time for taking action to change your beauty routine.

Most of us probably have the same beauty routine almost every day. Getting used to stuff and not wanting change are all about being safe. But don’t you think that the same old routine gets boring after a while? Beauty routines shouldn’t be boring, they should be just fun. Why don’t you do some of these things to change your beauty routine? Maybe after trying them a few times you can actually feel confident to do them all the time.

Freshen up Your Beauty Routine

Go Bold with your Lips

How often can you wear bold lips at work or when you’re having a casual day outside? What’s stopping you from doing that? Trying new things might be scary, especially if they are out of your comfort zone, however, you never know how much you would like or hate it if you don’t give it a try. Bold lipsticks aren’t monsters, but our friends. So for a change, go outside today wearing bold lipstick. Once you beat that fear, you will be confident to wear bold lips whenever you want without thinking what others might think about your lipstick choice.

Wear Falsies

If you’re like me, you probably stay away from falsies. Not only because they are not so easy to apply, but also having those thick fluffy lashes can be annoying at times. On the other hand, I like how they look on me or others. Whenever I do something I am not used to, I feel like people are staring at me. I guess it is just my imagination, right? You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to wear falsies; you do it whenever you feel like doing it. The way your eye would look after applying false lashes will be flattering.

Try Different Colours

Neutrals and nudes are safe choices, but there are so many different colours to choose from. Why do we only stick to the ones we keep using? Earth tones might be a great eyeshadow pick for brown eyes, but how about wearing blues, pinks or even neon? Having a few edgy shades is not the end of the world, it is all about self-confidence. At first, you can start using the colours you aren’t confident wearing under your eyes and then who knows what you might come up with next.

Try Something Different

Strobing, contouring, dramatic eyeliners, smoky makeup… aren’t they your thing? At first, I was so sure that I wouldn’t even be into strobing, because I thought “it is not my type of makeup”, but the more I tried, the more I liked it. So never make a decision about something you’ve never tried before. I am not a pro in any of these, but there are so many YouTube videos online, so you can always try to copy them to get better at the things you’ve never tried.

Beauty routines shouldn’t be boring, so why don’t we make things different this time and try something you’re not comfortable this weekend in your beauty routine.

What are the things you are not comfortable doing in terms of makeup? What would you like to add to your beauty routine?

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