There’s always something to do to make the makeup stand out, don’t you think so? After completing the makeup, have you ever had a feeling of something missing out when you look at the mirror? Can that be fuller looking lashes? If that’s the case then, luckily there are so many false lashes that can change that feeling. When it is the party season then a little bit of help is always welcomed. Choosing false lashes for party makeup might not the so easy, though.

Even though I love how much difference false lashes can make, I don’t wear them regularly. I think I am too lazy to go through all the effort to put them on. However when there’s a party or something special then I know I could use a little bit of help. Eylure has some really nice lashes and it is one of my favourite brands. The lashes are soft and lightweight, sometimes I even forget that I’m wearing one. I picked up a few favourite false lashes for the party look which I wore a lot this month.

Let’s talk false lashes for party makeup!

False Lashes for Party Makeup

Eylure Fleur De Force Fleur & Fabulous Lashes

Eylure Fleur De Force Fleur & Fabulous Lashes

Let’s start the false lashes for party makeup with the lashes that I wore at my wedding. These lashes will intensify the look you are going for. They are full and thick. They make the eyes stand out without making everything so dramatic. Even though it is a little bit on the thicker side, it doesn’t look obvious that you’re wearing false lashes. Depending on your eye shape, you might need to trim a bit to get the perfect fit. Pricewise Fleur De Force range is around £5-6.  Eylure Fleur De Force Fleur & Fabulous Lashes is £5.95. The good thing is all these lashes are reusable and even after wearing them for 5 times, they still look good!

Eylure Fleur De Force Fleur Loves Lashes

Eylure Fleur De Force Fleur Loves Lashes

This has to be my favourite from Fleur De Force range. I already have the second one! If you’re planning to go out after work, this could be one thing you should check out. They are perfect for the day-to-night look. If you are after a natural yet glamour look then these are 3/4 lashes might be for you. They are designed for the outer edge of the eye to add fullness without making it look fake. Since they are not full lashes, you don’t need to trim them, it will fit perfectly on almost any eye shape. Eylure Fleur De Force Fleur Loves Lashes is £5.25.

Eylure “Love It, Layer It” Texture 117 *

Eylure Love It, Layer It Texture 117

These next two lashes were kindly sent by false eyelashes a while ago. They have a wide range of false lashes from many brands and it was really hard to select some. Since it was before the party season, I knew I wanted something I’d wear for the parties and I’m so happy with my picks.

Eylure “Love It, Layer It” Texture 117 lashes are a little bit different than what I am used to. Besides having 2 full lashes, there are 4 corner lashes for outer edges as well.It is customisable, so you can create your perfect lash look. You don’t need to use the corner lashes, but if you want to intensify the look then you can layer them up to get the glam look. These lashes will give you the length, thickness and volume you’re looking for. If you want to keep everything minimal then the corner lashes would come handy, they will add some volume without making it look fake. Eylure “Love It, Layer It”  lashes are £9.40.

Eylure The Luxe Collection Lashes – Cameo (Mink Effect) *

Eylure The Luxe Collection Lashes - Cameo

This is another 3/4 lashes but it is more on the longer, thicker and fluffier side. They have the silky feeling and feels so natural. You don’t need those thick and full lashes to get the glam look, Cameo can do that too. They are long and full, I love how beautiful everything looks with them. These lashes are 100% cruelty-free! If you are curious about mink lashes but don’t want to try them for the ethical reasons then you should check out the luxe collection. Even with a simple makeup, these lashes make a big difference. Wear wing eyeliners and let your eyes speak! Eylure The Luxe Collection Lashes – Cameo is £9.90.

The good thing about all these lashes is they are all lightweight and you forget that you’re wearing them.

Are you into false lashes? Do you wear false lashes regularly or when you have something special? What’re your favourite false lashes? Which lashes would you call the best false lashes for party makeup? Would you rather have eyelash extensions or wear false lashes all the time?

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